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what happened to Futinoro?

The Stormfather

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5 minutes ago, The stormfather said:

so basically, futinoro was destroyed by stable nightmares. A similar thing was going to happen to Kilahito when the painters assembled. why was futinoro destroyed? do we know? was something similar to nikaro and Yumi happening there?

Ch 36:


“There was a city once,” Liyun whispered. “I remember wisps of it, as I travel here to feed, to try to remember. Whenever the machine lets go of us, we come to your land, to seek ourselves. Futinoro. You know that name?”
“A city,” Painter whispered, “that was destroyed entirely by stable nightmares.”
“It happened because the spirits managed to contact the people there,” the monster said. “The machine ordered the city wiped out as a result, to prevent anyone from knowing the truth. It sent dozens of my kind to achieve it. I was there. In a dream, I was there.”


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