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Shashara and shash

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Okay so Shashara and shash are fairly similar, in fact shash is just the first half. Shash is a letter in warbreaker, and a glyph on Roshar meaning dangerous. Putting what we know about Shashara, and why Vasher killed her she might have been quit dangerous. Shashara might have been the inspiration of a  both of these

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There are certain linguistic and etymological similarities between the Shardworlds, and the question has been brought up to Brandon before. The reason for those things is (essentially) that (nearly?) all the Shardworlds' races, and therefore their cultures share a common root - Yolen, the world where the people who currently hold the Shards came from. Since they all shared a common culture (or maybe a few cultures, if they were from different races / nations), the worlds they shaped and created would start off similarly. A few things would survive the passage of time - such as the letter shash.

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