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'Alendi's Logbook' article


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I noticed that the wiki article for Alendi's logbook is missing the section that Vin reads at the beginning of Chapter 22 of Mistborn: The Final Empire (page 363-364). It contains the beginning of that section, which is also the epigraph of Chapter 3, but starting from "We picked up a group of Terris packmen...", it is missing.

I would make an account to add it myself, but the "Known Text" section says "please do not alter without permission from the creator" because it is intellectual property. I might make an account anyway, but I don't want to make this edit myself.

I only found this missing passage because I happened to be in the middle of looking through The Final Empire specifically for passages of the logbook. If I happen to stumble upon others which the wiki doesn't include, I will mention it in a reply here.

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I did not find any more missing passages, but I found one duplicated passage. The epigraph of Chapter 2 (pg. 28) is duplicated, likely because it appears both as the epigraph to Chapter 2 and as part of the section Vin reads in Chapter 29 (pg.  480), which is canonically the end of the logbook.

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