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After rereading Way of Kings and Words of Radiance for 3rd time I started looking for nice place to mingle and share my thoughts. I think I finished reading most of Sandersons works. Let me see:


-Mistborn Trilogy and Alloy of the Law: Really fine magic system and good characters, not best but really fun and dynamic.


-Elantris: Cursed Elantrians really reminded me of Dark Souls game. Fun for few nights reading all tho characters lack depth, too idolized with cute flaws.


-Emperors Soul: Now this is my favorite I think. Somehow magic is fragile but powerful at the same time. And it touches few interesting questions.


-Warbraker: This was interesting, watching development of a book this big. I think it gave me ideas of writting my self.


-Rithmathist: Clockwork punk is such a guilty pleaser of mine ... with Sandersons well tought out magic systim this looks like best of the bunch. It is not my favorite since I am afraid I will have to wait a long time for sequel :P


-And now Stormlight Archive ... Well this is fantasy I always dreamt about. It touches so many character stereotypes I like that it just clicked with me. But years ahead of us will show us how will it end. By the work on last Wheel of time books ... and every finale of Sanderson books, endings are the best part.


So, as you can see I enjoyed all of those immensely.



My nickname is sort of blatant copy of title which Matrim Cauthon got by marriage in Wheel of Time series. At the topic of marriage, am I only one who saw a thing Mister Sanderson has with aranged marriages? And almost all of those are happy and lucky. Just wish Shallan and Adolin go their seperete ways. One more happy aranged marriage will brake some kind of Cosmere laws :lol:



I rambled for a while, hope that is some sort of introduction. I guess you will see me here and there on the forums in coming days. I apologize for mispelled words and faulty grammar ... English is not my first language ... and I don't think I am any better in my mother tongue neither :lol:

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