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I have stumbled out from darkness.

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On 7/21/2023 at 10:05 PM, The Sibling said:

Welcome to the shard! Be careful with your research. Remember that the shard is a great resource because people can answer your questions without giving too much away.

I'm trying! I googled if lions existed on Roshar because something was described similarly and the answer I found revealed a major character death! Thankfully I was already very close to it happening.

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On 7/21/2023 at 1:56 PM, Argenti said:

Do not go on the coppermind, unless you are willing to risk endless spoilers, it has everything ever.
But Welcome! Which is your favorite book?

I've found that out the hard way! Researching the Heralds was a misguided endeavor. But I was pretty clueless about them, and quite honestly, still feel that way based on where I'm at in the series.

As for favorite book, I would probably say TWoK. But I don't really think about the story in terms of books. I've been going through the story one book immediately after another. I didn't have to wait years for one to come out. But I imagine I will soon. I think about the story as it's milestones in the form of major events. But TWoK was my first experience with Sanderson. Going through it felt like nothing I've ever read before. Some of the concepts were hard to grasp or imagine. But I had fun trying. And I found Kaladin's and Dalinar's leadership to be terrific examples of competency porn. Shallan's development was even compelling for me.

I'm in Part 2 of Oathbringer now, and I feel like there's a lot left to go. Based on what I understand about the Heralds from my curious research, almost none has been revealed in the books at this point. So I feel like there's plenty of other stuff to reveal as well.

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