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At dinner tonight


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I had gone out to dinner with some of the women in my parish. I brought up Brandon's books to one of them that I know loves his kinds of books. As I was talking to her the server chimes in how he loves Brandon's books and has read .... lists books. As we are talking the guy at the next table chimes in on how he loves Brandon's books and the ones he has read. It was great.

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That is awesome. I was talking about modern heroes with some guys from my church, and I mentioned Brandon because he tries to put some awesome in the world. When I mentioned his name, several of the other guys said "Oh, yah! He is awesome!"

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That's a great story! :D


Sadly, we've had the opposite kind of experience.  Both my husband and I read more than most of our close friends, so we're constantly foisting copies of books or just recommendations off on people.  Most likely the only person we know who has also read Brandon without us suggesting him is a guy my husband went to college with, who lives in another time zone and is often not quick to speak up about such things.  We'd probably have to ask him.  I'd put money on it that he'd be like, "Oh, yeah, I've read all his books."  Now I want to find out...  

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