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New Fan...new to forums...probably going to screw up.

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Hi all! 


I'm brand new to the world of Sanderson. I've been reading Patrick Rothfuss and a friend said I was a fool for not checking out Sanderson. So...here I am!


On a side note, I also make and sell magic pencils. www.PowerPencils.com 


Each month, I make a new Power Pencil with a new super power. It's only our second month, but the two pencils we have are The Pencil of Desire (a wish pencil) and The Dragon Pencil (it summons dragons!). 


Let me know what you think! Thanks! And looking forward to exploring the community,. 



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Welcome to the 17th Shard! Whatever fancy takes you, please indulge it here; there's theories, writing, role-play, and more - we're on a bit of a RP kick here right now, but that's still only a small part of what we have here. Please, enjoy yourself, and watch out for spikes!

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There's a reason I hate being Poor. I can't buy Magic Pencils. (Why yes, this is a First World Problem)


Welcome to the Forum! Watch out for White text!


Also, in your Power Pencil Subscription Club, about half way down, it says the Dragon Pencil grants Wishes. Does it do both?

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