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Hey guys!


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Hey! I'm a big Brandon Sanderson fan, and I've read all but Warbreaker and the last three Alcatraz books. I came here to learn more about the cosmere, as it appears that there is way more information about it than was ever revealed in the books. I also want to ask a question: In this interview (http://www.tor.com/blogs/2011/11/the-alloy-of-law-spoiler-thread#225206), Brandon says that the Ars Arcanum was either written by Hoid or "a member of the 17th shard". What does he mean with "a member of the 17th shard"? Is that this site? Is this site in the cosmere? I'm so confused :S

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Welcome to the site! Good to have you here :D

As for the Seventeenth Shard thing, well, Brandon did suggest we use this name for his fansite, because the Seventeen Shard are an organization of worldhoppers, that move from Shardworld to Shardworld. We talk about it a bit on the About page. So, yeah, the Seventeenth Shard is actually an in-world thing. Isn't that awesome? It's actually mentioned in the Way of Kings epigraphs, in part two.

So what Brandon is saying is that the Ars Arcanum was written by a worldhopper, which is pretty obvious if you know that Sel is the planet of Elantris :) He'd have to be a worldhopper.

A further note: I'm trying to make it convention here that "Seventeenth Shard" refers to the organization inside the books, while "17th Shard" refers to this fansite. They are subtly different, because obviously joining this site doesn't make you a character in Brandon's books (sadly :/). The guy on Tor.com doesn't use that distinction, so that could be part of the confusion.

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