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Newcago's 1000th Post Party Thread

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Hang on, still grilling….




Anybody mind giving that chipotle raspberry sauce a stir? 




And please tell me BT brought beer! :)

I'll bring my slab of Himalayan rock salt. It's fantastic. Slowly heat it up until it's scaling hot, then sear your yak meat steaks on it. Prepare for a whole new level of deliciousness.

And hearts and brains.

...I do enjoy cooking, though. And I dont enforce my diet on those whom I cook for. So, yeah. Himalayan rock salt slab. Try it.

I do believe i shall. How does it work for other things? Veggie kebabs, for instance?

Clearly you both see the wonderfulness that is food. might I interest you in joining the wafflesworn?


Either way, I will be bringing syrup, waffles, and cosmere smoothies as a gesture of good faith between her lady steelfart steelheart and the wafflesworn.

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Appears outside the party hall carrying some trays with a large barrel levitating behind her.

"I brought piggies in a blanket. Oh! and some ginger ale."


Piggies in a blanket?!? This makes up for all the plagues, wars and famines through history!! I love you Death!

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