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19 hours ago, Justice_Magician said:

Welcome!! whats your favorite Brando book?

Mistborn Secret History


4 hours ago, Cinnamon said:

Welcome! Which Metallic art is your favourite? (Allomancy, Feruchemy or Hemalurgy?)

Honestly I'm caught between Allomancy or Feruchemy. If I had to choose one power I'd go with Feruchemical gold, AKA health, but really I'd rather be capable of Compounding it

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22 hours ago, Kirby said:

hi just lettin' y'all know I exist say anything pre-RoW I'll probably know what you're talking about so long as it's not Elantris

one thing I forgot to mention: in terms of Mistborn era 2, I've only read Alloy of Law - no spoilers please and thanks

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5 hours ago, Kirby said:

Mistborn Secret History

I actually have yet to read this but, I'm excited too!

Also, try not to double post if possible, if you need to add to your post, there should be an edit button by the quote button on your post (I hope that makes sense).

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