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Logna in Norse Mythology?


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I believe that its meant to be a feminized version of Loki/Logi. If you use the Logi name, you can see how that goes Logi -> Logna. Plus Loki has some association with fire, just like Logna, might have been associated with protection of the home, like Logna teaching humans how to bind the landwights, and Loki was considered the sibling of Odin (adopted) just like how Logna is Woden's sibling.

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I agree Logna is most likely meant to be Loki. Maybe a combination of Loki and Ogma, like Rainshine suggests. Logi + Ogma > Loggma > Logma > Logna (Not an attempt at phonetic history, just was showing how you could get Logna from Loki and Ogma. 

Thokk basically proves though that she is at least partially Loki. 

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