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Brandon Sanderson: Outside

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1 hour ago, Werewolff Studios said:

Link for those that haven't seen. One of Brandon's most brilliant pieces of writing to date.

I'm honestly a bit lost for words. 


Wow... that's one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Just... beautiful.

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I just cried sooo much. What a beautiful reminder of why this isn't just an amazing writer but an amazing human being worthy of having such a huge and kind fan base. Because we aren't just a fanbase...we are a true community of people who really don't want to leave any one looking from outside.

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Oh man I'm crying so hard


This is why I write. To understand. To make people feel seen. I type away, hoping some lonely reader out there, left on a curb, will pick up one of my books. And in so doing learn that even if there is no place for them elsewhere, I will make one for them between these pages.

That really got me. I love these books and this author and this fan base so much you guys

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