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Hello, everyone! I recently discovered Brandon Sanderson, and have read all his books (aside from the Alcatraz series, which is on order, and the Wheel of Time novel, which is too daunting) within the past month. Thus simultaneously dizzied and fortified, I seek a community in which to vent my incessant musing on those books.

If I don't, I will probably drive all my friends insane.

I really like speculating on developments in advance, though I am a bit worried that I am not equal to long-range ideas I've seen sticking my nose in here today. I'm the sort of person who correctly sorted out the motivations of everyone in Warbreaker within the first third of the book (except that, for the longest time, I thought Lightsong was a reborn Arsteel), but didn't even notice Hoid's existence until I read the annotations - great with the elements in front of me, but no master of collating larger amounts of information.

I look forward to ranting, and hearing you all rant!

-- Deus Ex Biotica

P.S. Oh, I promised free cookies, didn't I? Here you go:


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Evening Mr Biotica :D free cookies indeed, you got me there lol

don't worry about getting lost in some of the theories, most of the master theorisers have had lots and lots and lots practice. far too much, really lol.


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