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Odium Self-Splintering

The Stick

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I realized that Taravangian has always been obsessed with saving people. I think if Cultivation and maybe Adratogia push him, he may Self-Splinter at some point to protect Roshar or Kharbranth. He is practical enough to realize the dangerous intent of Odium. I think with theory crafting, this could be an end to Stormlight.

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Could you please edit out in the title "Tarav" part? There are people here on the forum who just started their journey with Stormlight Archive, and it would be nice if they could avoid spoilers in titles about such drastic events.

And I have no doubts Taravangian would never do that. He's too smart for that. Remember his discussion with Dalinar about 3 people accused of committing a crime, which only 1 of them committed? Dalinar said he would free them all, Taravangian said they all have to be executed (not even imprisoned). This is who Taravangian really is. His main goal as a person is to save people. Now he has the power to do so. And while Dalinar as Odium would likely withdraw from Roshar or even self-splinter like you say, Taravangian is going to use all of his powers to "save them all". His way of saving. Leaving behind corpses.

RoW ch 114


Such power. Such incredible power. Taravangian peered into infinity. He’d wanted to save his city, and had succeeded. After that, he’d wanted to save Roshar. He could do that now. He could end this war. Storms, Dalinar and Odium’s contract—which bound Taravangian just as soundly—would do that already.
But ... beyond that, what of the entire cosmere? He couldn’t see that far yet. Perhaps he would eventually be able to. But he did know his predecessor’s plans, and had access to some of his knowledge. So Taravangian knew the cosmere was in chaos. Ruled by fools. Presided over by broken gods.
There was so much to do. He sorted through Odium’s previous plans and saw all their flaws. How had he let himself be maneuvered into this particular deal with Dalinar? How had he let himself rely so much upon a contest of champions? Didn’t he know? The way to win was to make sure that, no matter the outcome, you were satisfied. Odium should never have entered a deal he could not absolutely control.
It can still be done, Taravangian realized, seeing the possibilities—so subtle—that his predecessor had missed. Yes ... Dalinar has set himself up ... to fail. I can beat him.
"Taravangian,” Cultivation said, holding her hand out to him. “Come. Let me teach you about what you’ve been given. I realize the power is overwhelming, but you can control it. You can do better than Rayse ever did.
He smiled and took her hand. Inside, he exulted.
Oh, you wonderful creature, he thought. You have no idea what you have done.
He was finally free of the frailties of body and position that had always controlled and defined him. He finally had the freedom to do what he’d desired.
And now, Taravangian was going to save them all.

Does this sound to you like someone who is ready to sacrifice himself to save everyone?

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