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Other Avatars in the Cosmere

Sky Breaker

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So I was thinking of what constitutes an avatar in the Cosmere would the well of ascension be considered an avatar because it is a shard granting them power making them nearly immortal while they hold it? Would marsh be considered an avatar when ruin is controlling him? Is Amaram an avatar of odium when he bonds Yelig-nar (the unmade)? Also I’m reasonably that Yelig-nar might be an unmade avatar of Autonomy 

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The combination of a Shard and its Vessel leads to sapient mind with access to a virtually infinite pool of Investiture. Are avatars the product of a similar combination of a mind and a pool of Investiture, only on a smaller scale, with less power?

Brandon Sanderson

I would say that is an accurate representation of what an avatar is. It’s not the only way, but it is an accurate... some avatars are that. I would say that’s the standard.  

Starsight Release Party (Nov. 26, 2019)

to be an avatar there needs to be some level of intelligence (likely sapient level at least) so this rules out the well itself, although, when Rashek took up the power he may have been an avatar for a brief time


The Dusty Wheel

Do any other Shards utilize avatars the way Autonomy does?

Brandon Sanderson

Uh... they have in the past, I can't say for sure if they are doing so now or not.

The Dusty Wheel Interview (April 1, 2020)

this second WOB unfortunetly seems to rule out Amaram and Marsh. these characters seem similar to Wax in the way that their actions often serve the greater purposes of a shard. as far as i'm aware, we don't have a concrete definition of what separates these characters for avatars. perhaps Amaram was on track to be an avatar of Odium similar to Telson, but I'm not sure if any evidence supports this idea.

I am a fan of the idea that Autonomy has an avatar among the unmade.

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