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K. Preston

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Hello all,

 I am someone who loves to write, although I am not sure if I could consider myself a writer. I have always written different things when able. Mostly my own extended epilogues to my favorite movies, video games, or stories, and on occasion writing poems or short stories. I am here because I was inspired to write a novel (and have finished the first draft), all while following Brandon Sanderson's lectures online.

This kind of started last year after retiring from a 20 year military career and found myself sitting on my butt doing nothing. I enjoyed the Mistborn series thoroughly and began asking myself, "Can I write like that?" Sadly the answer is "No", but through listening to him I have been improving this craft and enjoying it more. Maybe one day I will be able to say I am an author, but for now I am not sure I fit the title of writer. So, for now, I am excited to meet new people and see what is in store for me all while putting my work out there for willing beta-readers. 

Take care,


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