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Graphic Audio version? With Chris Davenport as the narrator?


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Just finished reading the eBook of Tress of the Emerald Sea. I had gone in completely spoiler-free. Even before the reveal of the identity of the narrator, I was already "hearing" the narrator's voice in my head as being that of Chris Davenport -- whose performance as


Hoid, in other Graphic Audio renditions of Cosmere novels

is really outstanding.

I tweeted to @GraphicAudio asking if a Graphic Audio adaptation of Tress of the Emerald Sea -- ideally, featuring Chris Davenport as the narrator -- might be possible. They suggested posting here with that suggestion. So, here I am, to make that suggestion!

(In case it's not obvious: This is my first post on these forums! Hello! Long time Sanderson reader, first time poster. If I'm out of compliance here with any established forum rules or guidelines, I would welcome being made aware of such!)

Is a Graphic Audio adaptation of Tress of the Emerald Sea something that any of y'all would be interested in happening?

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Don’t care for audio books myself but obviously I want more choices for all the other fans that do. It does seem weird for the Secret Projects not to get them but they are published in house unlike the other novels (SfSitFoH also doesn’t have a Graphic Audio version). Not sure how often the Dragonsteel team monitors these forums though.

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