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Theory: Bavadin was Aetherbound

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Upon the releases of Lost Metal and Tress, many have noticed several connections between the mechanics of the Aethers and Autonomy's apparent powers -- white sand may very well be the "bone aether" referred to in Tress, it requires a Luhel bond (though the mechanism is ultimately a bit different from spores), Aethers require some "field of investiture" to function normally (possibly provided by the sun's Investiture radiation in White Sand, and the moons in Tress). So the natural question arises, what is the meaning of this overlap? 

My theory is that before the Shattering, Bavadin was Aetherbound, and this has influenced the way she uses investiture, the reason she took up Autonomy, and many of the connections between Aethers and Autonomy's investiture. It also points to a connection to her "multiple personalities" - presumably, if she were Aetherbound, others were Aetherbound to the same Aether, and Bavadin's Ascension might have enabled her to use the Aetherbound link to subsume the rest of the Aetherbounds' personalities with her.

The nature of the relationship between Bavadin and a Aether could have resulted in her desiring autonomy from the Aether she was bound to, especially since Aetherbound are beholden to the more powerful Aethers. Her modus operandi is to create many Avatars on many planets, a parallel or inversion of the relationship between a primal Aether and the Aetherbound for that Aether.

Re-Shepir is Unmade and many have speculated that Re-Shepir is a former Aether (or a related being) due to Midnight Essence; possibly Re-Shepir is on loan to Odium or something since Autonomy and Odium were collaborating. 

One also wonders what might have happened to the Aether she was bound to upon Ascension, it would be an interesting question to ask Brandon: "What happens to the Aether if an Aetherbound Ascends to a Shard? How about the other Aetherbound?" One guess is that this is somehow related to the "dark Aether" (perhaps Re-Shepir is also related to this dark Aether)

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Another thing to take into account is that we've seen Autonomy seed new religions on planets in order to forge a Connection and manifest an Avatar (ie Trell and Jaddeth). Assumedly a 13th aether spore would result in a 13th religious moonschool being founded which could give her a foothold on the planet.

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