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Investing Godmetals and the Colors Produced


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Trellium (Or Bavadinium) is described as a silvery metal with a red cast, and dark red spots similar to rust. When heated, it gives off a full array of light with the red portion being expanded. Red though, has a very specific meaning. It is not known to be strictly associated with any one shard, but rather is the color of investiture from one shard that has been "corrupted" by the investiture of another shard. So why, then, is trellium associated with red? Well cause all the trellium we see is not just trellium, but hemalurgically charged trellium. This means that it is solid Autonomy-aligned investiture filled with ruin investiture. That sounds like textbook corruption to me. So that leads to a few questions.

- What color would trellium normally burn for, when not hemalurgically charged?

- If you were to use any nonscadrian godmetal as a spike and charge it with Ruin, would it develop similar red spots from the hemalurgic charge, and give off red light on the spectrometer when heated? If you were to use an Atium spike, it presumably wouldn't develop red spots since it wouldn't make sense to corrupt Ruin investiture with more Ruin investiture, and I'd guess the same is true for Harmonium if you could find a way to use it as a spike without it exploding. But what about Lerasium- specifically, is it different before and after ruin and preservation became harmony?

- Does feruchemically charging godmetals produce a similar corrupting effect? If so, how does this apply to the scadrian metals? Does it corrupt both lerasium and atium (I don't see any reason harmonium should be corrupted), since you're putting a bit of ruin into lerasium and a bit of preservation into atium? Or does it corrupt neither, since it's aligned with the proper intent even if it's also aligned with another intent? And similarly to hemalurgically charged lerasium, is this different before and after the creation of Harmony? My guess is that feruchemy doesn't corrupt either, if it corrupts godmetals at all, since I don't remember the lord ruler's bracers being described as reddish.

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