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Allomantic Metals


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We know about the sixteen Allomantic metals, as well as the three Scadrian God Metals. But what is the extent of Allomantic possibilities? This is of course in regards to full Mistborn, who are likely the only people that could use any God Metal variations of Allomantic metals. If my math is right, there should be around 118 viable metals on Scadrial alone, though other God Metals, which all Shards have, might work as well. 

16 base +16 Atium+base + 16 Lerasium+base + Atium-lerasium alloy+Atium-harmonium alloy +lerasium-harmonium alloy=51

16 atium-lerasium+base + 16 atium-harmonium+base + 16 lerasium-harmonium+base=48

99 + atium+lerasium+harmonium=102

16 harmonium+base+102=118

I don’t think trellium/bavadinium will work as alloys, as it repels other Investiture, but it might work on its own, and it’s almost certain that other God Metals are viable as well.

I’m sure I got a few things wrong here, but this idea has been itching at the back of my head for a while and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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9 minutes ago, Frustration said:

Check out "The Ultimate Metal Count" thread in Mistborn.

Damn the count is high. I didn’t do any math on the other God Metals, but that’s crazy. I may have missed some Scadrian possibilities too. I was ignoring the possibility of further alloying alloys, though I assumed that would be possible since technically the base metals are actually eight bases and eight alloys, and those all alloy. I would say the possible combinations are nearly infinite, as you could cross-alloy each Allomantic set for every single god metal with every other set for every other god metal, possibly multiple times, though there might be some workings of Investiture that could prevent the use of these metals, or the functionality of such heavily alloyed metals, by a conventional Allomancer, though I cannot say.

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