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Shallan is the new HOID?


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What if Shallan succeeds Hoid. 

-Shallan is affiliated with the ghostbloods and so knows a lot about offworld.

          -She and that Herald she is hunting in RoW may try to go offworld

           -Now that she broke off with the ghostbloods she and Hoid can go against them together.

-Shallan and Hoid both bonded a cryptic

-Hoid has been influencing Shallan's life for a long span of her lifetime.

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She only needs to live for more than 10000 years...

(I put more in spoiler as I don't know how much you know about Cosmere and Hoid - not much spoilers there just some general Hoid things)


bond Dawnshard, shatter Adonalsium, refuse to take a shard, jump from planet to planet wherever something important is happening, help important people on the way, collect all types of investiture and powers, be hated by half of the Shards, have a dragon for a friend, be hunted by 17th shard, be constantly RAFO by Brando, be swallowed by a giant fish and punch some important guy in the face.  

Other than all of the above, she is on a straight way to be new Hoid. But she already made few guys red from embarrassment and anger.

However I agree a bit differently, she would make a great storyteller - she already told a few of them in engaging way, and she can definitely aspire to be a new Hoid of storytelling. And if she goes to a wider Cosmere, she would collect and learn all kinds of stories. 

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