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Compounded brass vs division

Tamriel Wolfsbaine

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7 minutes ago, Tamriel Wolfsbaine said:

Which human torch burns the brightest?


Hmm, interesting! I think it depends on the context of the question. I feel that a Division Surgebinder would be able to ignite things to a larger degree, but a Brass Compounder would be able to endure higher levels of heat.

Therefore, I'd postulate that a Brass Compounder would make a better human torch. :)

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I think brass compounder could generate greater heat, but it would kill them (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/13/#e5025).

Conversely, Radiant with Division could not achieve such high temperatures, but they could heal themselves from any damage it would do to them (provided enough Stormlight).

So, Compounder would win, but burn themselves out.

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