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Tobal copper speculation or appreciation thread


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If he isn't anyone special(connected to worldhoppers or shards) then this guy has to be the most important person in scadrian history. And since scadrial is a future pillar of the cosmere, he is one of the most impactful figures in all of cosmere history too.

And he wasn't even invested!

This dude saved scadrial practically by himself, he made an entire organization shift their plans by two weeks while they were under duress of a dark god. He was smart enough to save his info after death. Dude is amazing.

And most impressively, he wasn't used by any of the shards. For example Goradel from era 1 played a very important role for the story, but he was following Kelsier's plan. Harmony is blinded in Bilming, it's a blind spot and even later, he can only see through wax.

He is a true hero!

Though I could be completely wrong and he is someone important. In which case, imagine he is the protagonist of a potential secret history 2... That would also be very cool


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