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Autonomy long term plan


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Autonomy seemed to want to break Harmony's hold on Scadrial, and declared Scadrial too dangerous to survive in its current state. But, then she just leaves after her avatar's plans are defeated? Telsin even says that Autonomy was pretty sure that Wax was better than Telsin. So, did Autonomy expect to lose, and did she accomplish her main goal regardless?

Wax manages to split Harmonium into Larasium and Atium by using Trellium as the splitting point. But, previously the Set had been trying that for a while and it didn't work. It makes sense that their attempts to create Atium and Lerasium by splitting it with Trellium would have been near the beginning of their bomb research. Wax finally tries it much later, because he's years behind. What has happened in the meantime? Autonomy invested in the planet and blinded Harmony, and Harmony gained a shade following him (believed to be Discord). Did Autonomy do to Harmony what Trellium can now do to Harmonium? 

Autonomy came in and used the plans on the surface as cover to split Harmony back into the start of two shards again. Possibly draining the Bands of Mourning as unkeyed investiture to kickstart Discord's creation. Now, with the Investiture of Autonomy having been used to split Harmony, the intent is within Trellium to fully split Harmonium beyond the explosion.

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I don’t think it is possible to Un-merge harmony without the death of its vessel. However, I do think that Autonomy wanted to push along the creation of Discord, which she certainly did. There was definitely an implication that we haven’t seen the last of Autonomy messing with Scadrial, and I’m sure Autonomy would love to exploit Discord’s volatile state in the future. Autonomy is one of the most conniving shards in the Cosmere, and there is no way that she would enter a planetary war without it being a win-win situation for her. 

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I'm not sure they'd have to kill the vessel to split them. It might be possible to split the vessel themselves in half, like how hemalurgy steals part of a soul. Perhaps you could steal half the soul of the vessel, and have in essence two vessels that are the same person but different entities.

Or, Bavadin of all of the Shards probably has the largest knowledge about Avatars and Splinters. If she could force an Avatar or Splinter of Harmony against his will, one that he could fail to control, that could use up a ton of his power. This could create a pseudo second shard with a different intent from the same pieces.

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