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Cosmere timeline


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Iirc, the current timeline put mistborn era 3 in a 1980’s setting and after stormlight 10. By the end of TLM the basin tech level is somewhere between WWI and WWII.

I predict that era 3 will be 3-4 decades in the future, will feature governor Marasi Colms as a supporting character, and the drained bands of mourning would still be a mystery and a big plot arch.


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Per a very recent WoB it will be 50-70 years for Era 3 so i doubt we will see Marasi 






You said that there’s gonna be a time jump between [Stormlight] Book Five and Book Six, the two arcs. And also going into Era Three of Mistborn. Era Three and Era Four, are they gonna go way past what’s going on in the second arc?

Brandon Sanderson

So, Era One of Stormlight. Break for ten years-ish in-world. (I have to write Book Six to know exactly how long it’s going to be, but somewhere around that.) Wax and Wayne happens during that break, chronologically. And Era Three of Mistborn; I would say seventy years, might be closer to fifty. But either way, it’s going to be post-Stormlight [Ten]. We’re getting a little disjointed in our timelines, just as the writing balances out, but I think it’s gonna work out. I don’t think they should be giving too many spoilers to each other. I do have to kind of talk around things now and then.

Dragonsteel 2022 (Nov. 14, 2022)


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13 hours ago, StormingTexan said:

Per a very recent WoB it will be 50-70 years for Era 3 so i doubt we will see Marasi

She could get a cameo - she'd be 80 if Sanderson chooses to go with 50 years, and if she decides to burn cadmium to see the future, she might be around even a few decades later.  But she won't be a supporting character - Era 3 is supposed to involve Kelsier and Marsh in significant ways, so there won't be room for yet more legacy characters without stifling the new protagonists.

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