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Captain Coffee

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1 hour ago, Captain Coffee said:

I thought it said somewhere that the god metals are the bodies of the people who take up the Shard. Am I remembering wrong, or was that poetic language?


Yeah, it's poetic. God metals are a manifestation of the respective god's Investiture in the Physical Realm. In terms of a regular person, the body is in the Physical, the mind is in the Cognitive, and the spirit is obviously in the Spiritual Realm. In Era 1, Ruin wanted to find the atium stash because, as a manifestation of his power, it was locked in the Physical. He needed to consume it so that power would return to him in the Spiritual and allow him to overwhelm whoever was holding Preservation and destroy Scadrial.

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3 hours ago, Johnny Silverlight said:

Kelsier held the shard of Preservation, so any metal created or generated during that brief time should still be Lerasium. Harmonium is different because the Shard in question is different.

It would be Kelsierium IMO, but the properties should be the same as Lerasium, yes. He didn't hold it long enough for the Intent of the Shard to change enough to make any noticeable difference in the physical manifestation. 

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