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Mysterious Cosmere names


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From a conversation on the Discord after Zellion came up:

I'm trying to compile mysterious cosmere names that have been briefly referenced, but not explained:

Reya (Reya's Tear is a Rosharan star name: there's a WoB that Reya is "someone important and female")

The Scar / Taln's Scar / Red Rip (a band of red stars on the AU star map, and seen from both Roshar and Scadrial)

Senna (mentioned by Preservation/Leras in Secret History)

Vax (mentioned by Ati after his death in Secret History, and by Khriss in an Ars Arcanum)

Obrodai (mentioned in one of the OB epigraphs, a planet with an avatar of Autonomy)

Foil (mentioned in RoW Ars arcanum - apparently a cosmere scholar/arcanist who lives under an ocean)

Ten Deaths (mentioned by a Radiant in one of Dalinar's visions  - apparently the Midnight Essence is one of them)

Xisis (mentioned in a WoB, lives near somewhere with aethers)

Lutha (possibly the person Luthadel is named after?)

Zellion (Stormlight miniatures kickstarter, a Shardbearer with weird armor)

What am I missing?

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22 hours ago, cometaryorbit said:

I'm trying to compile mysterious Cosmere names that have been briefly referenced, but not explained

Do you want little-to-no data or just unfinished explanations (or both)?

Off the top of my head. . .


Vo's wife - founder of Hanald (maybe based on her name?)

Forton (and his unnamed alchemical investiture)

Teullu (peoples - ref. Shaizan)

Tao (Shai's mentor)

Sixteen (from Lasting Integrity)

Ten Fools


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18 hours ago, cometaryorbit said:

Well, I was more looking for apparently Cosmere-significant things, rather than just any briefly named character like Tao. And we know a lot about Vo compared to the names I mentioned.

Thanks for the clarification. . .

. . . I mentioned Vo as an example of "incomplete explanation" since we don't know how he learned enough about being a Returned to procreate during his 8 days of Return (assuming that part isn't fabricated)

And we don't know that Tao doesn't have Cosmere wide significance, since in an Empire that worships 80 suns, he appearantly was Cosmere aware enough to have functional understanding of the Three Realms

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