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Terachin (Warbreaker chapter 22) irl

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In the annotations for Chapter 22 of Warbreaker, Brando mentions that he wouldn't be surprised if anyone has cemented the rules for Terachin and played it in real life. Anyone done this? If I remember right, this is the same game that Brando deleted from Elantris. I'd love to see this game played irl if anyone has done this :)

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  • The Tarachin scene was one of the last scenes written for Warbreaker and was intended to show Lightsong interacting with a few "ordinary" gods. Brandon intentionally designed the game to be extravagant yet requiring very little effort from the Returned.[2] He also compared it to a game called "Stones" that he had written for a deleted scene from Elantris featuring the Mad Prince.[2][3]

I say you’re both right :)

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