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Will there be more books after Lux?


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When Lux came out, I seem to remember hearing that there were plans for two more books in the Reckoners world co-authored by Brandon. But I'm not finding anything about that now, and I'm pretty sure I haven't heard anything about that in Brandon's recent publication schedule announcements. Will there be more coming out? If so, are they going to be sequels to Lux, or other stories in the same universe? 

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It was mentioned in the State of the Sanderson in 2021, sort of.



If you didn’t see that there is a new Reckoners novel out…then there’s a new Reckoners novel out!  It’s called Lux, and I co-authored it with Steven Michael Bohls, another of my writer friends.  (This was a Mainframe project, and so it was an audio original.)  The reception was great, and the sales were great too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we did another one soon.  But we’re figuring out when and how to do this.  (Also we plan a print edition sometime, but at the very least an ebook should come out around the one-year mark of the audio edition.)


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