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I think the Alloy of Law is my favorite book, purely based on action scenes/gunfights and the fact that I'm a sucker for Westerns. But I absolutely love Oath Bringer. I personally find a lot of solace with Dalinar, as I myself have been on a journey of self-improvement the last few years. Many of the philosophies of Stormlight Archive speak to me, and I find relatability and solace with characters like Dalinar and Kaladin. As well as the finale at Thaylen City is glorious, I even put together a spotify playlist just for whenever I re-read it. I'm currently on my (10th?) read through of Stormlight Archive, And i love how every time I re-read it I come across something new, some new connection or foreshadowing

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14 hours ago, That1Cellist said:

Just so you are aware, the mods generally get annoyed if you post multiple times in a row. If you want to say something more, you can quote multiple people in one post, or go back and edit your post.

It’s fine, basically everyone makes this mistake once. You just didn’t know.

Ah, good to know, I’ll keep that in mind

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12 hours ago, Robin Sedai said:

Welcome! I look forward to seeing you around!

Thanks! I’ve been a fan of Sanderson since start of the pandemic, and I’m really excited to finally get to talk to other people who actually know about his work! (Most of my friends haven’t read his stuff, and many of them aren’t big enough readers to be willing to try out his books, given their density)

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Just now, Cinnamon said:

Double posting!!!:ph34r:

Just so you know, you usually shouldn't post twice in a row in the same thread. If you need to say more stuff, you can edit your previous post.:D Its okay though your new!;)

Yeah, I’m just seeing the edit now, I should have assumed that there was gonna be one, buts it’s 1 am here and I am tired as damnation 

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