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His Dark Materials

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I really enjoyed the novels once upon a time.  I was disappointed in the movie adaptation and so never picked up the TV show.  But if they ever make it to the Amber Spyglass content (Book 3 for those that arent familiar) I will 100% be there.  


How far into the story has the HBO series gotten?  Because there are some pretty big spoilers that came in Book 2 and even more in Book 3 if they are pacing the seasons to books.  I dont want to assume something is known only to ruin it for you.

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I mean... You can hide spoilers for the book either way, someone might be in the middle of reading the first while stumbling on this thread. 

The TV series seasons roughly correspond with the books, though certain characters are introduced a bit earlier - a main character that first appears in the second book has a storyline in the first season. I, personally, read all the books, so whatever you say about them I can respond to - unless it's from the Secret Commonwealth, but I don't count it for now.

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Loved the series when I read it, though I think "The Golden Compass" is better than the later books.  I also read "La Belle Sauvage", the first of "The Book of Dust" novels, and while it was fun, it didn't really feel like a necessary addition to the world.  haven't read "The Secret Commonwealth" yet, so withholding judgement on that one.

I haven't watched the TV series, though the bits I have seen or read about it look pretty decent

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Read the series for the first time a few years ago (2019 or 2020) and reread recently, really enjoyed it both times (despite some criticisms of book 3)

I have also watched the first season of the HBO show with my family and it was a really solid adaptation, everything the movie (that I have watched too) should have been.

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