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Hello! I'm new to the forums and I saw that there was a role playing section so I wanted to see if there was anyone available to rp with me for Stormlight Archives! I don't really have a particular story in mind, so if there is a storyline for your canon or oc characters that you'd like to to try out, I am definitely open to suggestion! I have been rping for years and I do tend to feed off what is given to me in terms of length and literacy. I prefer moderately literate with 2-5 detailed paragraphs, but I have no problem writing more.

I typically play female characters, both canon and oc. I have a few that will easily transition into the Cosmere. I do well with romance and emotional scenes, but I can do action as well.

P.S.: If this isn't how you find RP's or isn't allowed, please let me know what to do differently! Thanks :)

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On 10/8/2022 at 8:55 PM, Shallan Stormblessed said:

I might join, although I'm not really a roleplay person(although I joined my first on the Shard a while back and am having fun).

I haven't truly RP-ed in years! I first started almost 20 years ago when I was 12 on a no longer existent Harry Potter forum lol I mostly enjoy the story building and collaborating portion of it because of how magical the story can become within a universe I already love. I was a little intimidated when I saw the amount of replies to some of these other RP's and by the last replied date, but I wanted to shoot my shot anyways haha. It's okay if it doesn't pan out, I was just eager! 

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*Starts walking down the subforum*

The whole place dates back to 2011, but we're currently remodeling it for modern audiences. The most historic threads of note are CBST, The Knights Next Door, and Fellowship of the Thing; to name a few. The Shard's been in something of a new generation recently: not many folks are up to roleplaying. We've been working on fixing that.

*Stops at the new threads*

Here we have a decent portion of our non-starter gallery: plenty of roleplays started but never gaining any real traction. Zvso, Greatowl University, and the Insanity Clinic are the only exceptions currently (though Tales of Trune is also noteworthy).

*A dozen identical ladies in red gowns jump out from the sides. A wall flips around to reveal a projector screen. Fireworks go off.*


You don't want your wonderful world to be lost to the abyss of worldbuilding hell? Well you've come to the right place. Your very own Channelknight Fadran is here to guide you through the steps to successfully start a roleplay and get it off the ground.

Step One: Establish the setting!

Just like in novel writing, you have to engage your audience in the setting. For roleplays, you have to ensure that where everyone is and what's going on is interesting and accessible. Nobody wants to start a roleplay in "the city" - but people are down for meeting up on the shattered plains at a Kholin warcamp.

But it isn't just about having a time and a place. You also have to establish what kind of roleplaying will be done here. Are you for character drama and deep emotions? Adventure and exploration? Or do you just absolutely need to write some epic anime battle sequences? Make sure it's clear to everyone what the tone and general content type will be!

Step Two: Give out the relevant worldbuilding!

Despite popular belief, this is just as important for worlds everyone is familiar with as it is for personal worldbuilding. This ties in with establishing the setting perfectly: you need to provide some writing (usually a few paragraphs, though several of the best RPs in history have entire PDFs of worldbuilding tied to them). Make sure to emphasize what's most important. If you're unsure about any of this, feel free to consult your local Roleplay Expert (me).

Step Three: Provide character sheets!

As Roleplay Leader it is your duty to provide a character sheet template for your future players. While most people can construct a character perfectly fine on their own, it is a common courtesy to give them a basic outline regardless. Not only is it a simple more, it's also to ensure your players have the correct features required for your setting.

Most character sheets will include the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical Description (often just drawings from the more artsy types)
  • Personality
  • Background
  • Other*


*Notable traits besides primary characterization

However, depending on the setting, you'll want to provide other requirements to keep people straight. Such possibilities could include:

  • Magic type
  • Race
  • Preferred weapon / fighting style

For a Stormlight Archive RP, you'll need to decide whether or not you want Knights Radiant around. If yes, include an option for your Order! If not, don't; and clarify that in your worldbuilding section.

Step Four: Other courtesies

  • The first post in every thread is referred to as the Original Post, or simply OP for short. To make things convenient for everyone, compile your worldbuilding, character sheets, and PCs here.
  • Generally it's upon the RP Leader to determine the overall plot and lead it onwards when progression stagnates. However, this does NOT mean that the Leader should act as a GM. Frankly, second person is dumb and should be avoided. But if you're here and you say you've RP'd before, then you probably already know that.
  • Upvote the good posts.
  • Seriously, guys. We need more rep.

Now proceed, lunaf! Bedazzle us with your roleplay excellency!

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