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Bastille Typo Thread

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Pages 19-20, US hardcover: 


“We need a vehicle,” Folsom Smedry said. I’ve always thought of Folsom as one of the less annoying Smedrys. In the sense that one incessantly ringing alarm clock can be less annoying than another. Though I was going to miss his Talent for dancing really poorly, if the remaining Librarians stopped panicking about their bottle caps long enough to notice that we didn’t belong here. I glanced at the shaking ceiling. “I don’t know if we have time to go searching. This whole place seems like it’s going to blow.” 

Missing a paragraph break before "I glanced at the shaking ceiling." as Bastille is the one speaking following it, rather than Folsom still. 

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US hardcover, chapter 11, page 150: 


The energy between Alcatraz and Etna began to glow brighter and brighter as it traveled through the Slantviewer's Lens

Should this be Slantviewer's Lenses, since they are a pair rather than just one piece? 

US hardcover, chapter 19, page 233: 


I was not railing against fate for standing me at a dizzying height [...] 

Was this intended to be 'stranding'? 

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