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Kholin Uniform Vs Bridge Four Uniform


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1 hour ago, Munazir said:

Did Renarin and Adolin (in TWOKs) wear the same uniforms that bridge four wore when they all became bodyguards? 

Short answer - probably not.

Long Answer:

WoR Ch 4


“Ah!” Rind said, speaking with a high-pitched voice that did not match his girth. “You’re here, finally! I’ve got them all out for you, Captain. Everything I have left.”

“Left?” Moash asked.

“Uniforms of the Cobalt Guard! I’ve commissioned some new ones, but this is what stock remained.” Rind grew more subdued. “Didn’t expect to need so many so soon, you see.” He looked Moash up and down, then handed him a uniform and pointed to a stall for changing.

Adolin and Renarin wear the uniform of a Kholin Officer, whereas the Bridge Four uniform was originally leftovers from the Cobalt Guard, and later slightly modified version of the same; all of which are different form the standard Kholin Soldier's uniform.

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