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Are there caves in Shadesmar?



I know that there are mountains in the Cognitive Realm, though they're smaller than they would normally be.

My question is are there caves in the Cognitive Realm? 

I ask this because Ruin's perpendicularity was, supposedly, at the bottom of the Pits of Hathsin, so would it also be in a cave in the Cognitive Realm or would it just be on the surface?

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The topology and physical expression in the cognitive Realm will vary from world to world. 

On Scadrial, Yes, we see the caves down to the Well represented so the Pits are probably similar.  In both cases, I couldnt rule out the possibility that the proximity to a natural realmic leak point/perpendicularity might be causing those caves to be represented closer than normal, but regardless I dont really think normal caves would get "filled in", just maybe a bit Misty.  

On Roshar, the topographical inversion is more extreme, so Caves might get represented as big looping spires above the surface.  Since there's a noted large cave system in Aimia, I am hopeful that we'll find out eventually.  

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