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Medallion-made Metalminds


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So I found this little tidbit on the Arcanum:


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Can someone using a medallion store Feruchemical traits in a separate metalmind (e.g. not the medallion itself)?

Can Inquisitors store Feruchemical traits in separate metalminds (excluding their spikes)?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes and yes.


And it makes me wonder: Are the metalminds you make with an Unsealed Metalmind Keyed to you, Unkeyed or Unsealed?


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It depends on what you're doing while you fill the metalmind, I think. The rules would seem to be the same as for regular Feruchemy.

If you're separately, completely draining your Identity while you fill it then the metalmind would be unkeyed and anyone with a relevant Feruchemical ability should be able to use it, otherwise it would still be keyed to you. We see this with Wayne tapping the goldmind bracelet in Bands of Mourning. But unless the metalmind you're filling includes nicrosil (which you're also filling with Investiture) it wouldn't be unsealed-- there's no other way that we know of for someone without access to Feruchemy to suddenly get it absent a different intervention (like Hemalurgy). We see this with Marasi using the Bands in Bands of Mourning.

So if you, a non-Feruchemist, have a Southern Scardrian wristband of nicrosil you could use any lump of iron to store your weight, and that iron would be keyed to your Identity. If you had a wristband of nicrosil you could (presumably) use a piece of aluminum to drain your Identity while storing your weight in a lump of iron, and then that iron would be unkeyed (but only someone who could use iron Feruchemically and knew what the lump of iron was would be able to make use of it).

An unsealed metalmind needs to have a component that is nicrosil and stocked with Investiture, so an unsealed metalmind is always going to be nicrosil alone or nicrosil and something else. As far as we know, that is... duralumin is also involved in some way, but we don't have any more details on that right now. We'll get a lot more information in Lost Metal, or very shortly thereafter, but for now the specifics of unsealed metalminds and Feruchemical nicrosil are both unclear.

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