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Hi 17th Sharders. 


Like most of you I’m sure, I’ve been wondering after the Final Shard that’s yet to be revealed. I remember when we had only a handful of names and the theorising was infinite. While we got a huge amount of info in RoW and Secret Projects, it’s a little sad these kinds of theories will soon come to a close (albeit mixed Shards is an intriguing concept the further we go along the timeline)


So my theory comes from this widely referenced WoB 


In May, in Germany, you told me that... or I asked whether Wisdom was a Shard, and you said it was or something like it, and that wisdom was close to an intent of a Shard, and you also told me that it has realized that survival isn't necessarily the most important thing for it. I wanted to ask whether it has realized that over time or was it from the get go?

Brandon Sanderson

Over time.


Okay, so then naturally, my next question: Is it the survival Shard?

Brandon Sanderson



And then somebody actually came up with another good probable name. Is Prudence close?

Brandon Sanderson

Prudence sounds an awful lot like a Shard name. That's some excellent theorizing there.

Prague Signing (Oct. 26, 2019)



So my theory goes like this and it’s been spurred on with my many discussions with my good friends Extesian & Kwan. We’ve long discussed the Shard of Wisdom/Prudence/Verity/Truth and the potential of that Shard working with the scholars at Silverlight.

Recent pondering have led me down the path of a Wise Shard that lost it’s way. The Vessels did after all - in their Imprudence - kill God and take his place. I mean what consequences did they think this would spur?

So I think the most imprudent Vessel among them picked up what may have once been Prudence and slowly degraded into Imprudence. Not caring about Odium, Autonomy, Mercy and Ambition busting up the Cosmere and the millions this would impact over time. 

A Shard who by definition lacks the care to do anything about the current situation or face consequences of their actions. Imprudence would be withdrawn so as to not contact Sazed on the Shardradio. Would steer clear of other Shards and is probably Investing a rash, unwise, uncaring ways on world/s far from its neighbours in a way they don’t particularly care for the outcome. The Great War? SpaceshipMistborn? Odium breaking Roshar? -_- yawn!

Yes, this could be attributed to Whimsy, who I also have a massive crush on! But I think Whimsy would more spontaneously look to the future and invest or take actions in a purposefully, albeit impulsive, way. Imprudence by contrast would not be whimsical and instead nonchalant in its approach, or lack thereof.

It makes for a brooding deity that’s poetically   appropriate given the impact the Vessels have wroat on the Cosmere post-shattering and whose actions are far from done. Clubs, as he exhibits himself to the world, would have been a good match for this Shard. But he turned out being a much more caring sort (currently rereading Mistborn in the preparation of the Final Metal)((also wouldn’t it be cool if the Final Metal belongs to the Final Shard!))(((also this fits nicely with the newly introduced anti-light and anti-investiture. The Anti-Prudent Shard)))




1. lack of wisdom or care in the management of practical or economic affairs:Your decisions demonstrate fiscal imprudence and shortsighted thinking.

2. lack of discretion or caution:The whistleblower learned of the scheme through the hiring executive's imprudence.

3. disregard for one’s own interests:His own imprudence and unreasonable conduct are what caused the second injury.

What do you think? I did a search here and in Arcanum and can’t find a reference to this so pretty excited to hear your thoughts 

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47 minutes ago, EmulatonStromenkiin said:

Interesting. Why did you think that the title should be spoilered? The final Shard is not a spoilery title.

SPs spoilers 


"The final Shard" implies that we know all but one Shard, and there is one (Virtuosity) that we know only through SPs sample chapters.

By the way, @realSEyOda you might want to edit the title of the topic to add SPs spoilers (spoiler tags work better when you know what it is a spoiler for).

I am a bit unsure about the "imprudence of the Shattering" thing. Khriss in SH (I think) says that some of the Vessels killed Ado because they saw it as the least bad option, which would make it a somewhat prudent act. 

Also, I would be surprised to see a Shard degrading into its opposite. So far we've rather seen Shards that grew completely obsessed by their intent and became some perverted version of it. Like Preservation wanting to preserve the current status quo, even one as horrible as the Final Empire. Or Honor becoming more concerned about binding yourselves with oaths than about what the oaths were. By this logic, a Prudence Shard should grow so prudent it ends up never doing anything, just surviving day after day by not taking any risk. Which would explain its discretion/inaction.

I like the idea of a Shard being involved with the Silverlight scholars! I don't see any evidence neither for nor against that theory, but it's cool. (Brandon has RAFOed several times whether there was a Shard in Silverlight)

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