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Hypothetical Era 4 weapon - Nalthian Awakening grenades


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So I'm rewatching Warehouse 13, and one of the items they introduced - and criminally underused, though the show on the whole is great for all that they forget to Tesla people (I mean, its a lightning firing stun gun! Why wouldn't you use that at every opportunity?! And its a stun gun! If you're holding someone at gun point and they have an artefact they are threatening to use, unless the artefact is going to go off when exposed to the Tesla, hit them with lightning! But I digress ...) - was the Tesla grenade, and that got me thinking.

What if in Era 4, there is a Nalthian equivalent of the Primer Cube technology, and Awakeners can pre-program a set of commands into a store of Breaths to throw at the enemy, taking control of the environment around them. Imagine, you are a soldier in a bunker, when suddenly a strange device lands nearby. You pause as the colours disappear from the environment, and suddenly your own clothes start attacking you. Or the corpses of your fallen friends suddenly rise up and attack. Imagine the Awakening grenade landing in the area right after a conventional grenade - a commander would have to deal with troops they sent in suddenly being killed and turned into Lifeless against them.

([Edit] Now I'm imagining a story beginning with a soldier, either a new recruit or a seasoned veteran, heading into an area with their squad, friends they've known for years, when suddenly there is an explosion and most of the squad is killed. As they lie there, still clinging to life, they see the Awakening grenade tossed nearby, and watch, badly wounded, as their friends suddenly rise up, and possibly begin attacking the remaining survivors, while they can only watch.)

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