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Unsealed Metalmind Encryption


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An Unsealed Metalmind can be used by anyone who touches it, is aware of what it is, and uses Intent to activate it. However if you wanted to create a Metalmind that could grant a power only to someone else, I have an idea.

Give the person in question an Unsealed Metalmind that allows them to store Identity. You then blank your own Identity while tapping theirs when you create the new Metalmind, hopefully encrypting it with their Identity so that only they can use it.

Assuming that you can't tap someone else's Identitmind, you could instead use Hemalurgy to spike off a piece of their Identity, then blank blank your own Identity while not blanking theirs while creating the Unsealed Metalmind. This has more problems than the previous idea, as you would need to heal them from the damaged of the spiking, and we don't even know if a Hemalurgist can selectively store only one of their spikes Identity and ignore their own. However, I thought to cover all avenues, just in case. 

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One thing I've considered as a possibility to allow some people, but not everyone, to access a metalmind is if you only blank most of your identity. For example, you remove all parts of your identity except for "being a part of this specific organization". Then, only people from that organization would have the matching identity

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