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Can Soulcasting Make Forgery Plausible?



Inspired by another question in this section:

Since Soulcasting allows for radical changes in what objects are and how they're composed, could awareness of Soulcasting make Forgery much easier and more powerful? A Forger wouldn't need any plausible details for the change or even to know  much of the history of an object. As long as the Forger is (1) aware of Soulcasting and (2) could plausibly (by Forgery standards) suggest that a Soulcaster might have been near an object at some point, the Forged history of the object could just involve a Soulcaster arbitrarily changing it.

For the purposes of this question we'll handwave away the potential issues with a Soulcaster leaving Roshar and/or a Forger being able to access their art away from Sel. Would the magics interact this way, or are there other obstacles that would prevent it?

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I think you are right, but keep in mind that most people can soulcast into a few things, but not many. Jasnah can't soulcast into strawberry jam, and most soulcasters just do grain for food, since other things are too difficult. There are other disadvantages as well. So basically yes, but it wouldn't allow for quite so much as you are expecting. I think that something involving Elantrians and Forgery would be more effective.

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