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Broken WOB Ref


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It looks like the WOB itself has been removed.  Per the links you posted it should have been /E#15221 in the link, but for that event WOB #64 is /#e15220 and WOB #65 is /#e15222.

My guess is that the WOB either didnt pass muster by the Coppermind mods (bad paraphrasing or some such) or it has since been contradicted by the novels themselves.  What was the context of the reference on Moash's page?  There aren't any other WOBs from that event that mention him.  

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Thanks for reporting this! In general, anyone is free to update the Coppermind (and encouraged to do so--we only have a small pool of regular editors and there's a lot to keep up with), but we totally understand it won't always be clear exactly how a thing needs to be updated (which very much turned out to be the case here) and are happy to take reports as well.

Yes, the WoB itself looks like it was removed from Arcanum (which, for clarity, has separate staff from the Coppermind, though there is a lot of overlap) sometime between January 15 and February 9, likely because it was a paraphrased report and then we later got actual audio, like Chaos said. The event page was captured by the Internet Archive before the entry was removed though, so the paraphrased WoB can still be seen here. The audio for this WoB is snippet 10358 in the Mini-Con Spoiler Q&A recording on Arcanum, which is marked as optional to be transcribed; I think it's currently an open question whether it's something we want to have for the Coppermind.

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