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For all those who need it

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Today has been an amazing and sad day. first I heard of all the sad happenings happening, then I went to a church of Jesus Christ of later day saints' temple. it was the best thing ever. I've been before but... I felt like I needed to say something. my writing sense was tingling.



To all those who are grieving, to all those who are confused, to all those who are in pain, to all those who want revenge, to all those who feel like they missed out on life, to all those without hope, to all those who don't know if they can continue in life, to all those who cry thinking that they will never be the same again. there is hope. there is light. and there is a way back.

At times it may seem we've crossed a line that cannot be returned from or that death truly is the end. I tell you, there is not a line that we can cross that we will be beyond love, beyond help, beyond hope; in my culture, in my church, in my belief, death, death is not the end. Death is only the beginning of the next chapter, the next page of life. Even if we know this, it is still okay to cry, okay to be sad, okay to hate the world world a little bit for not understanding, okay to need some time to recuperate. But it is not okay to use this as an excuse to destroy others. this is not an excuse to turn to terrible things as retreat from reality, this is also not an excuse to box yourself in and away from your family and friends, they can help you more than you know.. You need to understand through this hard time there is still hope. the world can take away your friends, your family, your food, your homes, but it cannot take your hope, your hope is eternal and everlasting. 

One of a human's remarkable abilities is to adapt to any environment, physically or mentally. In this time of sadness, do not think of it as the end of the world, think of it as the beginning of a new understanding. with this new knowledge of how it feels, you can help others. succor them, mourn with those who mourn. Do not let it become the end, let it become a beginning.

You may be asking, "why is this happening? why have I been cursed?" you may think there is no answer, but I tell you that the bigger the trial the more pungent and amazing is your relief from it when you accept help and get out of it. your happiness will be ten times stronger than before. I do not say, do not cry, for not all tears are evil. yes, it is sad, but it is not better to linger in the past and on who have died too long. it is better, instead, to go and spend time with your friends and family, go make the most of what you have. even if you are experiencing a trial.

you may think you need to seek revenge on those who harmed you. they may deserve it, they do deserve it even. but if you do, if you do harm them, tear them limb from limb. what then? will you be better than them? of course not. it is better to seek peace with those you love, find good friends and stick with them. talk to people you trust and tell them what has been happening. they will help you no matter what.


of course, that's just my two cents. if any of these are controversial or offensive, let me know and I can edit it out or make it seem better. I hope I have helped someone in writing this. It sure helped me.

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I find "Death is only the beginning of the next chapter" very inspiring. We shouldn't fear it, but welcome it when the time comes. And despite how hard things are, hope is really everlasting. Even when we think it isn't.

Thank you so much for this.

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Just now, CalanoCorvus said:

thaidakar, you bastard, I love you so much.


thank you


thanks for thinking im awesome lol. and your welcome calano!

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