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Types of high void spren


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I've gone over The stormlight archive searching for any reference types of Passions.  As well as the flew glimpses  Of void Spren we have so far and  The void binding chart. 


There isn't much to go on so this is mostly speculation that will probably be wrong.  Nevertheless I have put together a list of potential types of void Spren.  I thought I posted here and see if anyone else had any thoughts or insights on it that I might have missed Or perhaps you have your own list.


1. The unmade

2. Odium Spren

3.  Vengeance Spren

4. Compassion Spren

5. Power Spren. 

6. Art spren

7. Redemption Spren 

8. Chaos spren

9.  Curiosity spren

10. Courage spren 


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Perhaps somewhere you could look would be for Spren whose names align with Odium's rhythms, rather than those "of Roshar". Since the distinction is made multiple times that being Connected to Odium allows Singers to hear new Rhythms, it might be that pre-Odium there were less emotion spren and that after his arrival those spren cropped up; similarly to how one would gain access to new Rhythms.

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