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Arcanist Lupus

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I wanted a place where we could list the little things that have been bugging us, that we think are important, but don't know enough about to create full theories about. Just a list of things to remember. This can include anything from quotes to observations, to a little bit of analysis.

The List: (black is textual, blue is speculation/theories, green is opinion)

  • The Hieroarchy. Hasn't been mentioned much, but I think there's more here than meets the eye.
  • Quotes (hidden for space)
    pg 285 (An ardent talking about Voidbinding)
    Voidbinding is a dark and evil thing, and the soul of it was trying to divine the future.
    Ars Arcana
    ... the ten levels of Voidbinding or it's cousin the Old Magic...
    Cultivation was better at seeing the future than Honor or Odium. A connection?
  • The Voidbringers and Voidbinding are not necessarily connected, despite having similar names.
  • Axies the Collector had a shadow that went the wrong way. Is this magic-related, and if so, why? Perhaps Stormlight isn't the only type of light with magical qualities...

Post your own details, and I'll add them to the list.

Note: Feel free to discuss any theories related to the list (or any text you want added to the list), but if I don't feel they are directly related to the text, I won't add them to the list.

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My personal theory as to why Cultivation is better at seeing the future is because she must understand human nature to cultivate people and is therefore better at predicting the actions of people over a length of time. Of course, her shard could be more temporally powerful than the other two, think uberatium.

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