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what happened with abraham court martial?

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As I was rereading the reckoners, I came to the point where abraham reveals he was facing court martial. I've always been curious, but now I have better ways to sate my curioosity, namely the arcanum. which, alas, doesn't give much in this case



Calamity Seattle signing (Feb. 17, 2016)
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What happened with Abraham’s court martial?

Brandon Sanderson

So that is backstory that is a RAFO.  Why Abraham was there is not something he necessarily likes to talk about, not that he’s shy, but at the same time it’s not something he easily talks about.  And so I will not talk about it, I will let him, someday perhaps, talk about it.


So, this is a RAFO about a story that ended. Doesn't make much sense, as there is nothing further to read.

Unless brandon is planning to write more reckoner novels (unlikely) or unless the apocalypse guard will feature abraham, and he'll have a large enough part to tell his past. also unlikely.

So, now I'm not only curious at what the hell happened to abraham that got him court martialled, but also as to why brandon would rafo it.

Anyone has any answer?


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The Bandersnatch has said before (can't remember where--I'm sorry) that not everything he RAFOs will necessarily show up in a story. This is because he likes leaving himself the option to either choose to reveal a detail or not as he sees fit, rather than spilling the beans early at a signing. Essentially, once the question's been answered, there's no unanswering it, but as long as the question exists he has the freedom to choose how and where he wants it answered.

Hope that makes sense. I too find myself frustrated by the number of these we have, especially in the context of the Reckoners Trilogy, while I also understand why he does it.


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To add to the above, Brandon has indicated some interest in writing additional stories involving Reckoners continuity. Apocalypse Guard was intended to answer some of the questions raised by Calamity for example, which may or may not have allowed him to explore that question. He's also indicated that if he writes anything explicitly in that setting his first thought would be to do a story focused on Mizzy, which would probably include at least some of the other Reckoners by default.


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