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Found 3 results

  1. So while this could be nothing, I was looking through some discussions about stormlight 4 and I started to connect some dots. While it is not confirmed, a lot of the fandom- and myself- believe Hesina, Kaladin's mother, to be originally from Kharbranth. If this is true, we known from the end of Oathbringer that all those who were born in Kharbranth and their spouses will be spared from Odium. We also know that Odium is bound by his word and so he must follow this deal he struck with Taravangian. While I've seen quite a few people saying this deal will end up being bad for Taravangian and that Odium ultimately got the better deal, I think this deal is what will bring about Odium's downfall, not Taravangian's. Now I should say this having any sort of possibility weighs heavily on Hesina being born in Kharbranth, but under the assumption that she is then this means that Lirin is spared by association. And yet, even with this deal potentially protecting him, much of the fanbase believes Lirin will die in Stormlight 4. This is where I think Odium trips himself up. If Lirin were to die as a result of Odium- so be singers, listeners, or corrupted spren- the deal between Odium and Taravangian will immediately become void. And while we don't necessarily know what happens when a shard's word is broken, it is my personal headcanon that a big part of the process for Honor being shattered was that he in some way broke his word. While obviously this has a lot holes in it, I just wanted to point it out as I've been seeing a lot of people talking about the Kharbranth deal and whether or not Lirin will die in the next book.
  2. So, this came up in another thread, only it was fairly off-topic there, so it'd probably be better to open a brand new thread. [From the 'Love triangles parallel' thread, in answer to a post about Laral] This is actually my favorite Hesina theory. It is clear that she is more than she looks at first. Also, from WoK: It's made pretty clear that Hesina's parents didn't particularly care for Lirin. This is odd, to say the least - Lirin is a skilled surgeon, and a full citzien, and most people would consider him the ideal husband for a daughter. IMO the only reason why Hesina's parents would possibly have disliked her marriage to Kaladin's father is got to be that they considered themselves to have better social status. But Lirin is second nahn; and you don't go much higher than that. (We have a good idea of how lighteyes' dahn work from Shallan's POV in WoR - a brightlord's heir is the same dahn as his father, while his other children are presumably one dahn lower. I'm guessing the same goes for darkeyes' nahn - even if Hesina's family had been of the first, she would have been a second nahn citzien in her own right, making a marriage to Lirin's perfectly acceptable). Plus, there's the fact that Kaladin's parents wanted him to marry Laral to consider. From WoK: But they don't live in a large city and Laral is neither particularly poor (Roshone does marry her for her inheritance, in the end) neither that low ranked. In Words of Radiance, Kaladin refers to the citylord's family as 'middle-dahn'. Also, for what is worth (again from WoK): So, what I'm saying is that Laral's social status was theoretically much, much higher than Lirin's family, making such an union a preposterous idea, even of the paper. Even Lirin and Wistiow's apparent friendship wouldn't be enough for him to even consider marrying Laral to Kaladin - unless his family had some other social connection we weren't made aware of. Snote wondered if perhaps one of Hesina's parents was lighteyed. I don't think this is quite the case, because such a thing was bound to come up, especially by Roshone - but I think it's definitely possible one of her grandparents was. It makes sense. Rich merchant marries poor brightlady, or maybe the other way around; some of their children are lighteyed, some aren't. A brightlord/lady daughter and/or sister would have been out of question for a country surgeon, but a grandaughter, on the other hand.. I can perfectly see Hesina's parents as the kind of snobbish people who see themselves as 'better' than the rest of their social circle because of their lighteyed relations(heck, plenty of RL people are like this. I think I might have just described my boyfriend's parents...). Those people would look down on Hesina marrying Lirin, but would have no means to stop her from doing so (unlike a real noble family would). Also, for what is worth, from the same thread: So, what do y'all think? Of course, it might just be that Hesina's parents didn't like Lirin for some perfectly innocent reason, like he making a mess of their first family dinner, but what would be the fun in that?
  3. Have Lirin and Hesina even tried to contact Kaladin after he joined the military? In his own PoV, I think it's implied that neither have for some time, perhaps never in his entire military career, but in his earliest flashbacks, it is obvious that they both loved him very much. In fact, before Kaladin and Tien were recruited, his mother basically told him that he didn't have to follow his father's path and choose another career if that's what made him happy. Sure, Kaladin may have disobeyed his father's wishes and disrupted his plans, but he is still as much their son as Tien is. No parent ever wants to see their kids die before them, not when your last conversation ended with bitter and angry words. So whatever the reason for their silence, Tien's death should be more than the incentive they needed to contact him, even if it's just to mourn his death together through letters. Unless they got real busy and popped out another one in the past five or six years, he is their last son. Plenty of men have joined the army and survived. He's also done very well for himself before the Amaram incident, youngest squadleader and all. There's no reason for them to completely ignore him as they did... ...Unless Tien's and Kaladin's recruitment into the military was not Roshone's final stroke. As weak as Roshone is, he is still a brightlord, a cousin to a Shardbearer. What little power he has, he can still use to inflict a lot of damage if he wanted to do so. And the loss of his only son could be the last push he needed to dish out the hurt. Kaladin have suffered so much, and it chills my bones just to think of it, but could something have happened to his parents that prevented them from something as simple as responding to their son's letters? And if so, what does this mean for Kaladin as a character? A part of me thinks that they're both alive and well, that Amaram decided to take it upon himself to protect/provide for them after the way he stabbed their son in the back, but this whole situation at Hearthstone stinks if you ask me.