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Found 263 results

  1. I found two confliciting WoBs about who can perform Hemalurgy: This one is from 2015: Any WoBs I missed on this? EDIT: And this one is from 16/02/2016: So I think it pretty much confirms that anyone can use Hemalurgy.
  2. Hey Sharders! Just something fun to do, and I wanted to see what you could come up with. Basically, you take any superhero, like Hulk for instance, and then translate their powers into the Mistborn magic system. For Hulk, I think it fits that he is a Pewter Compounder. For some heroes, it's okay to break the rules-ish. Take Iron Man--He would need both Allowmantic steel and iron to "fly", and he's Iron Man, so naturally he would use some spikes. Obviously, some powers can't really translate. Feruchemy in Green, Allowmancy in Blue, and Hemalurgy in Red. Examples: Hulk--Pewter, Pewter. Iron Man--Steel, Iron, Tin. You don't have to use this system if you know all the terms and such, like Coinshot. Or you can just say F-Atium ect. Whatever works best for you! Have fun, maybe! Edit: If you don't know Marvel/DC, I guess you can do other things, like anime, but as a last resort.
  3. There is a WoB that hemalurgy can work on animals. That makes me belive that if somebody stole human aspect like strength, he could give it to an animal. But how faar can it go? Could it be posssible to stal an aspect from animal and give it to another one,? Maybe someone could even steal it from animals and give it to humans? If it would be possible people could farm animals for their hemalurgic strength of body and senses by creating blessings similar to ones made from kandra. It would be also possible to create incredibly strong hounds or horses, with impresive senses. We could make diffrent animals more loyal with zinc spikes made from dogs (preferably these ones who are so old or sick that should be put to sleep), or improwe their mental capabilities with copper spikes. It would open a whole new ways of changing human body considering how much a kandra can do regardless of what hemalurgical charge is in their spikes. Do you think it is possible? What else could be made with these capabilities?
  4. So I read a WoB that Hemalurgy can be done by someone with right spiritual genes (perhaps there was something about Connection, too). If it's in spiritweb, it can be spiked. So you could spike out out of someone ability to use Hemalurgy or store it in nicrosil... The question is: what would having a stronger ability to do Hemalurgy actually do?
  5. Why did Inquisitors have spikes driven through their eyes in the first place? I mean, there are so many bindpoints that those spikes could surely be inserted somewhere else, so what's the point in depraving them of one of the most basic senses? Did TLR made this deliberately so they'd have another weak point?
  6. So I went to coppermind and I'm confused. For example, page for Hemalurgy says that duraluminium "steals Spiritual Feruchemical powers" while page for duraluminium says that it's unknown what property it steals What do we have confirmed, either by book or WoB? Iron: human strenght Steel: Allomantic Physical powers Tin: human senses Pewter: Feruchemical Physical powers Zinc: human emotional stability Brass: Feruchemical Hybrid powers Copper: human mental fortitude Bronze: Allomantic mental powers Cadmium: ??? Bendalloy: ??? Gold: ??? Electrum: ??? Chromium: ??? Nicrosil: ??? Aluminium: Allomantic enhancement powers Duraluminium: ??? Is that right or did I get something messed up? Or maybe there are some WoBs I don't know about?
  7. Brandon repeatedly stated that TLR used Hemalurgy on himself; that TLR "used Hemalurgy to pull off his most dramatic effects" and that it was the reason he heard Ruin. The thing is, even after BoM and its revelations about the remaining metals, there is no reason for TLR to have spikes. Absolutely zero. There was a WoB that his bracers acted as his spikes, but to act as spikes they had to actually hold a Hemalurgic charge. Are there any WoBs out there which hold more information? Or maybe it was decanonised?
  8. So I finished Secret History and Bands of Mourning recently and I got a super creepy vibe from post-death Kelsier. Despite the fact that he helped the Southern Scadrians, I got the sense that he may be up to no good, with some seriously inscrutiable ulterior motives. In my opinion, he had kind of a negative influence on Spook, since he encouraged Spook to help him experiment with Hemalurgy and Spook later wrote that it might be a good idea to get old or disabled Metalborn to sacrifice themselves to give their power to others. I thought that was pretty creepy for Kell. Plus, the Set has been experimenting with Hemalurgy and they had to learn it somewhere. I dunno, maybe Kell is being influenced by Trell and his "coming back to the Physical Realm" hack has to do with Trellish unknown metals? Something less than savory is going on, and it has me worried. What do you think?
  9. A thing that bothered my mind for a long, long time. How did people of Shardworlds discover the magic in the first place? You see, some are far easier to discover than others. Here's a list. Sel AonDor: Medium before Elantris was built and easy after that. It only requires to wave your hand in the air. At some point someone definitely tried to draw the shape of the country and it went from there. ChayShan: specifical movement. Easy. DakHor: no idea how they discovered it in the first place. Scadrial things get a little complicated when you start to consider the alloys, but there always is some pure base metal around. Feruchemy: easiest of the three - Feruchemist feel a natural draw when they touch the metal, nothing complicated, really. Allomancy: the most unintuitive of all the Shardworlds. How on the tenth name of Damnation would somebody get the idea to swallow metals???? Sure, after Rashek Ascended he easily kicked it off, but we have WoBs on Allomancers being born before. How did they discover their powers? We have a WoB on Alendi being a Seeker. Hemalurgy: even more unintuitive than Allomancy. Not only would somebody had to have the idea to stab somebody and after that get the idea to stab himself with it, but also bindpoints come in play. No idea how it was discovered in the pre-Rashek times (there is a WoB that it was used). Nalthis Breath is noticeable and when somebody said the right words things happened to it. And after that it's just research. Roshar Spren bond people naturally and Stormlight can be inhaled reflexively (as seen many times before Kaladin knew what he was doing) and Surges can be used intuitively. On the easy end of the scope. Discuss.
  10. So as I've been listening through the books again and reading through the forums, I've been trying to figure out something. If magic comes from the Shards, then which Shard made Allomancy? According to Sazed, Allomancy is of Preservation, but look at most of what it does. Most of the applications are short term and often destructive. That sounds more like Ruins pervue than Preservation, yet the mists (which is of preservation) react to Allomancers. My theory is thus: Because Ruin and Preservation couldn't do much of anything without the other having a hand in it (read: the constant struggle for either to get anything done at the end of HoA) then all three Metallic Arts carry both within them, but favor one or the other. Feruchemy is the art of preserving, hands down. You store away your attributes for later use, either in a time of need or to supercharge what is already there. It's long term and deliberate, it's of Preservation. But, there is enough of Ruin in it for copperminds to suffer the same corruption as non-metallic recordings. Allomancy is the flip. It's short term, and often only for immediate or near to immediate use. It relies on metal as a catlyst to burn the investiture inside the person. It is closer to Ruin, which is easiest to see in the power Atium gives. Quick bursts of flashing insight in to the immediate world around them, making them better to kill. While we don't know if that notion of Atium helps to kill is a product of Atium itself or the world it lives in, Elends final chapters make the thought ambiguous. Allomancy favors Ruin, but is birthed by Preservation. That Lerasium burns for everyone says something. Hemalurgy is the most directly built by Ruin. It is destructive in nature. However, I find it ironic that it does, albeit not perfectly, preserves the power it stored. It's leaking, but it's holding in the power. This is me just trying to get my thoughts out and seeing how other people see it. I'm not sure if it's been discussed before.
  11. Using a combination of the Hemalurgy chart in the Hero of Ages Ars Arcanum and the Ars Arcanum from Bands of Mourning, I've complied a chart of what the remaining seven metals do as spikes. NOTE: These are educated guesses, based off of patterns and similarities that I've seen NOTE 2: Where it says "Steals Human ___", that means I don't know what it is, but it steals a human attribute like Senses, Strength, Mental Fortitude, etc. HEMALURGIC POWER Iron: Steals Human Strength Steel: Steals Allomantic Physical Powers Tin: Steals Human Senses Pewter: Steals Feruchemical Physical Powers Zinc: Steals Human Emotional Fortitude Brass: Steals Feruchemical Mental Powers Copper: Steals Human Mental Fortitude Bronze: Steals Allomantic Mental Powers Cadmium: Steals Allomantic Temporal Powers Bendalloy: Steals Human ___ Gold: Steals Feruchemical Temporal Powers Electrum: Steals Human ___ Chromium: Steals Feruchemical Enhancement Powers Nicrosil: Steals Human ___ Aluminum: Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers Duralumin: Steals Human ___ The way I came up with these is that I figured out that the Physical Pushing metals steal Allomantic and Feruchemical powers, in the order of Allomatic, then Feruchemical. The Mental Pushing metals do the same, in the order of Feruchemical, then Allomatic. Going off of what Aluminum did, I guessed that the Temporal Pulling metals work in the order of Allomantic, and then Feruchemical, and finally, the Enhancement Pulling metals work in order of Feruchemical, and then Allomantic. Or, Physical: Pushing A-F Mental: Pushing F-A Temporal: Pulling A-F Enhancement: Pulling F-A The final thing: I have no idea what Human ___s would be, especially related to Temporal and Enhancement effects. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. This theory is based on the fact that every magic system we have encountered so far can stand on its own. While some magic systems such as the metallic arts interact easily with each other (which can be explained by them being on the same planet) most other systems require various hacks to get them to interact. My theory is that the powers stealing aspect of hemalurgy is actually such a hack. This may sound weird because of the way we have seen hemalurgy so far, where it is mostly used to steal powers. We need to remember however that two of the three hemalurgic creations of TLR we have seen so far didn't have anything to do with allomatic or feruchemical powers. It also would have been weird that a magic system would be created with the only purpose of interacting with other magic systems. My conclusion is that the original purpose of hemalurgy is the transformation of creatures and to give yourself limited boosts, such as a bit more strength or intelligence. The stealing of powers is just a (perhaps intended) side effect.
  13. According to the coppermind, Aluminium acts as an investiture sink, so any investiture which is put into it will just be "soaked up" by the aluminium, but Aluminium can also be used as a hemalurgic spike, which works on the premise of ripping off a chunk of one's spiritweb, and in a sense 'stapling' into onto the recipient, and to my understanding, your spiritweb and investiture are basically the same thing, so wouldn't the aluminium just absorb it? Have I missed something, if so someone point it out please, and also please correct any wrong facts i've stated
  14. I was going through the forums and looking at all of the theories about investiture, and was thinking about several things. First off, a ton of people(I feel) are getting the power of storing investiture wrong. I'm pretty sure it works(very basically) like this: Let's say you have a Twinborn, with F: Nicrosil, and A: Steel. He/She also has a Hemalurgic spike granting F: Aluminum. He/She decides that they are going to make one of those cool bracelet things that let others have their power. He/She Stores Aluminum, Then Stores Nicrosil into the Nicrosil part of the bracelet. That means that anyone who taps that(anyone can, apparently) Nicrosil will be granted the powers of F: Nicrosil and Aluminum, and A: Steel. Some people thought that Nicrosil gave any ability. Are they right? On another topic, do you remember when Allik said that it was impossible to make a bracelet with 4 powers? Based on what I'm thinking, that is because they need to get Hemalurgic spikes that give them those powers, and that having four puts them under Harmony's influence. So, what would happen if you were to get 16 Allomancers and 16 Feruchemists together and gave them one bracelet each that gave them F: Nicrosil and Aluminum, then had each of them try to store into one Nicrosil bracelet? Since all of their power is unbranded, would it make something like the bands of mourning, or would it not allow them to put all of their powers into one Nicrosil bracelet?
  15. So, I recently visited the dark alley, and a thought came to me: what if you spiked someone who only had powers through hemalurgy through the heart and took their powers. Would they lose their powers, or would the hemalurgy simply fail?
  16. ... and came up with an odd idea. So, hemalurgic spikes allow Ruin to speak to their users, right (in the first era, anyway)? So, say this is before the truth about Ruin and Preservation comes out. There's an obligator along the lines of Yomen who wants to better understand the dichotomy between good and evil, and so he takes a spike he steals from a killed Inquisitor (at great personal risk), uses it himself, and BOOM, you've got the Scadrial version of Jekyll and Hyde. I think I might need to start listening to a different soundtrack at work.
  17. While trying to get my over caffeinated mind to sleep last night, I found myself pondering the cosmere (as usual). Something occurred to me that I don't remember ever seeing addressed. What would happen if someone tried to swallow and burn a piece of metal that had a hemalurgic charge instead of a feruchemical one? Now, there are obvious reasons why this would be hard to attempt in the first place. Following the rules, an allomancer can't take just any old metalmind and burn is keyed to the feruchemist's the only people who can compound are people who, for whatever reason, can use the same metal for both feruchemy and allomancy...twinborn, hemalurgist, etc. Assuming that this remains constant with the theoretical situation I'm positing, you would have to either: A: Take a shaving off of a spike already in your body B: Spike yourself, survive, and still have access to the ability to burn the type of metal the spike is made of. Method A sounds a lot easier to pull off...method B...almost impossible... I could easily accept that this is just not something that works...which is why it has never been addressed. But just for fun, what do you guys think would be the result of hemalurgic compounding?
  18. Paalm freak = 1 Kandra = 2? Koloss= 5? Inquisitor = 11??? Any good sources pinning down or expanding these?
  19. Hemamancer? Hematist? Hemalurgist? Hematologist? Hemalurgian? Hematician?
  20. Idea: Use hemalurgic bullets to allow Harmony to control Set members. As an agent of Harmony, it makes a lot of sense to have a dedicated gun for shooting hemalurgic earrings. Of course, Harmony would need to be complicit, and I don't know how he'd feel about that, but he was willing to do it to stop Paalm, so why not for Telsin? Question: Can hemalurgy be used to steal memories? It stands to reason that it could, seeing as you can steal physical strength (Koloss) and such. If so, hemalurgy could be used against captured spies, and becomes all the more terrifying.
  21. I think I have an idea for how the SoScads got Metalborn powers. Hemalurgy. Think about it.
  22. Honestly, more SoS spoilers, but this just occurred to me. This is somewhat about Trell's influence, but more about his tendency to have (two) villains in these books spiked. It's almost like a pattern, but I think that might be a little far... So, how do we know that he was spiked? Wax mentions it in his POV in chapter 13: Was spiked, Brandon mentioned this in his Chapter 13 Annotations for Alloy of Law. Also: Odd? Well, we do know something about odd spikes that Sazed cannot sense. If Miles got a different metal grafted onto his spikes, then, in theory, he may have a Trellium spike. In other words, Miles was not possessed, but Trell had direct influence over him through his spikes, perhaps whispering words of grandeur (or whatever) into his ears. Driving Miles [more] insane, and upping those psychological qualities Miles presumably had some control over in the Roughs. In other words, much like Paalm, Miles' actions are directly linked to or influenced by Trell. I don't think that it excuses his actions, but one of the themes in all three books so far has been stopping someone you know/care about when they go bad because YOU would've wanted them to do the same thing if you were in their shoes. It's a strange kind of love; a strange kind of idea of mercy, really. First it was Miles, then Paalm, and now Telsin (she is still Wax's sister, so, I believe she fits the theme). It also means that someone else might go bad in the Lost Metal, since it fits the series' authentic. [Perhaps the last book will be stopping someone before they go bad, but that's neither here or there]. So basically, Miles was spiked just like Paalm; he was using Hemalurgy, it seems, and it was probably Trellium. Marasi should go and find his metalminds to make some...interesting connections...
  23. Hello there! I have a question you may be able to help with. During the conversation between Wax and Harmony in Chapter 28, Harmony makes a remark about Bleeder's spike: "Would you have let her live on, a slave in her mind? Corrupted by that cursed spike that would forever leave her scarred, even if replaced?" (pg. 394, emphasis added) I suppose my question is this: we know that the effect god-metal Atium, Ruin's own metal, works better since it's his magic system, but what happens when you use a different god metal as a part of your magic system? We don't know what Lerasium or Trellium (no idea what to call it, although it seems connected to connect it to Trell as the book does just that) do when used Hemalurgically, except the Trellium will apparently hurt a Kandra beyond repair to use. What's going on here?
  24. So, does anyone have any thoughts about how/why Kelsier visibly appears when Spook makes the decision "against his better judgment" to put the hemalurgical earring in his ear? This seems like it could be proof that Kelsier holds some portion of Ruin. However, it could just as easily be that Kelsier's greater Connection to Ruin and/or Spook enables him to use certain Ruinous abilities (like being in the Cognitive Realm and talking to people in the Physical Realm who have spikes and/or broken minds). I put forth that this strange occurrence is a function of Kelsier's strong Connection to Spook as well as his disproportionately larger connection to Ruin (compared to his connection with Preservation). Kel was able to influence Spook because of Spook's broken mind and the addition of the earring allowed Kel to appear to Spook and communicate with him fully. The only thing this doesn't answer is how the earring affects Spook's connection to Harmony. Thoughts? Other Questions to Consider: [1] Shouldn't using a hemalurgical earring connect Spook to Sazed? [2] Shouldn't the earring experience be audio-only (like Wax's conversations with Harmony in Era 2)? [3] Does Kel's visibility have to do with the physical proximity of Kelsier's Cognitive Shadow to Spook in the Cognitive Realm? [4] If #3 is "yes", does this mean that Spook's earring would allow him to see a nearby Shade visiting from Threnody? Why or why not? [5] What influences Connection? How is it increased or decreased? Are there different rules governing how it affects people vs. places? Full Disclosure: I really loathe the 'Kelsier holds Harmony's excess Ruin' theories, so I'm hoping someone has a way to explain this event that doesn't involve that. It helps me to note that even though we see a good amount of interaction between Sazed and Kelsier in MSH, we DO NOT see Sazed bestowing Kelsier with any powers or portions of his shards. If anything, we see Sazed withholding information from Kelsier that would enable him to affect the Cosmere in a more meaningful way.
  25. So assuming the one-eyed spike man is Kelsier, how exactly did he manage to get a physical body to anchor him to the Physical Realm? We know that Sazed refused him, and that he was plotting with Spook to find a way to get back. We also "know" that he's using Hemalurgy in some way. Some theories I've seen: He's using pure Hemalurgy to reform his body He got Spook to spike a dead or dying person (possibly Spook himself) with his "essense" somehow. He got Spook to spike a person enough that he could control them from the Cognitive Realm. He is using a kandra or mistwraith body. Kandra can't use Allomancy or Feruchemy. He eventually convinced Sazed to make him a body. He got a kandra to use his bones to generate enough flesh to spike and then he compounded Feruchemical gold. (Sorry if this is a duplicate, but the other threads I've seen dealt with the identity of the man, rather than how he came to be)