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  1. This is a semicrackpot theory that I just came up with, but I was thinking about why Atium had to be an alloy. Of course now we know that pure atium has to be burnable by everyone because it is a god metal. But mabye there is another reason. What if Atium's pure form (without being combined with electrum) is light, gas, or plasma? I always found it really odd that Atium was a metal. It seemed very stable for Ruin's god metal. It would make a lot more sense if it was something destructive. We see the possibility for that with Etmetal (which I think it is related to Sazed in some way). It explodes on contact to water. It would be really interesting if Ruin's natural investiture was plasma or a more destructive element (a toxic gas?). Similar to how Honor's natural occurring investiture is light, it could be possible for other states of matter for metals. Shards have to specifically create solid god metal, and so preservation's work around was to just combined the natural formation of Ruin's investiture with an metal that has a wanted effect. Ruin couldn't combined it with a useless metal (aluminum) for example because that would not push people to burn it. Preservation wanted people to burn Ruin's god metal, so it combined it with a metal that it knew would create a powerful combination (alomancy is preservation's invested art after all).
  2. I want to add the theory that it is "disharmony" or discord. It is the idea that there are two personalities to the shard. One of them is the harmony we see, and the other is the more ruin dominated part of the shard which is discord. The theory goes that Sazed is simply do this all, and he doesn't know because it is something like two personalities. This hits a couple of the requirements. Since it is the same shard, it would be a shard we have seen before (we have seen the shard harmony). It would explain the problem of Harmony's unbalance (1). Harmony either doesn't realize that he is creating discord, or he doesn't remember doing it (similar to Shallan's different personalities). I don't think this is true (I am an Autonomy believer), but I thought I would add it here just in case. (1) Below are some theories that I found on 17th shard about discord.
  3. That is true. It just seems really always struck me as really odd that Vin was able to destroy with Preservation. Kelsier struggled with this and even Leras could not make himself destroy (he literally has to work with another shard). Originally, I just assumed that it was because Vin was the perfect host for preservation. Is this the case or am I just remembering wrong about how preservation could destroy things?
  4. So I was rereading mistborn era one and two because of The Lost Metal. I was reading something that Vin said and I wanted to know how literal it is. She says something along the line of "I can destroy because I have a bit of you in me (to ruin after she gets preservation). You made me to destroy." Is this literal or a cool saying (it is very cool. One of my favorite lines of cosmere period.)? Vin does have the very odd ability to destroy as perservation, but she is also the perfect host for perservation. I am thinking that if it is true then this could explain why cultivation gave Taravangian a boon and curse. Mabye to allow T-Odium to grow in some way. Mabye even allow T-Odium to change the power, to "grow" the power into something better. It would be a good way to permanently handle Odium. To change Odium into something else and then make sure that it won't be the same level of hatred would be the best way to stop Odium without outright destroying Odium (or combinding Odium with another shard, but that isn't the point).
  5. So I just wanted someone to explain to me the specifics of the scene where Dalinar and Odium sign a contract. I don't quite understand it.
  6. See, this is interesting. Because then I have to ask if their names came first or the intention, I think it was the intention and the shards were named after the intentions (with the except of Odium because he didn't want to be called Angry or A God's Fury). For the towerlight, what I think about is what would happen if the sibling was out of the tower. I would not make any sense for it to be tower light, so the combination of light would have to be called something different. On a similar note, if Odium and Honor weren't at war, would warlight be warlight? Would it be called something else? The investiture from the shard is still the same, but the context in which the light gets its' intent is very specific. I also agree with you in the sense of war. It would be weird if War didn't involve Valor in some extent. Or mabye valor has a different intent that what is expected. I always think of Ruin and how it is much more decay than destruction. I really want to talk about intent involving light because this is how anti-light is created. Intent does matter because you need to be planning on making anti-light. You can't make it accidentally. So, intent does matter when you are tying to produce light. This may not be the same rule if you are trying to combine two different investitures, but it could be similar. If this is the case, then you would end up with the ability to modify investiture's intent.
  7. That is a good question. I don't think I have necessarily have an answer to it, but I always thought that the intent and setting mattered for combining light. There are a couple WoB that say that (see below), but it hasn't been confirmed. The setting is important for combinding light. I always thought it was weird that no one wondered why war light was created outside of war time. In a war, the light is going to naturally become warlight. Towerlight is something similar. The combination in this instance is tower light more because it is being created in the tower.
  8. Pattern: Shard of Sticks Lyft: Shard of purity and innocence Teft: Shard of Kindness
  9. So I really like the idea of combining shards/light to create investiture with new intent. I am going to be referring to shards only, but this applies to light as well. We just don't know the names of all of the different varieties of light. This is going to be a list of possible combinations. None of these have a lot of thought because the combinations of shards are very different results. It really depends on the environment and the person. Someone else could have picked up Ruin and Preservation to create disharmony or another intent entirely. Last note, if I talk about a shard that we don't have any information for, I am just using the definition of the word for the intent of the shard. Suggestions and different ideas are totally welcome. The ones we know are cultivation and honor makes science. Honor and odium makes war. Ruin and Preservation makes harmony. Dominion and Odium could create leadership. You have the dominion over people and the passion of a king. I could see dominion and honor also creating leadership. You have the dominion over the people and the bond to the people. Devotion and Honor could create loyalty. You have the devotion to something and you are never going to betray it because that would be breaking an oath ie Honor. Endowment and ambition is an interesting combination that I am now so sure about. Maybe it could be something like using gifts effectively. Endowment would give the gift giving part while ambition is using it as effectively as possible. Autonomy and Cultivation could create something like isolationism. This kinda comes from Autonomy's current intent, but it goes even further. It is the idea that they have to let everything grow on its own. Mercy and Odium could create empathy. This one is a shot in the dark as we don't really know what Mercy's intent is, but this is a possible combination. Ruin and Odium could create destruction. Ruin and cultivation could create decay. Ruin is already very similar to decay, but it isn't exactly decay. Honor and endowment could have an intent like giving gifts for people who do the right thing. Responsibility rewards I think that Honor and Valor could also create war. Whismy and cultivation could have an intent to be creating and growing happiness (like getting new hobbies and trying new things) Whismy and preservation could have an intent to be keeping happiness Whismy and ruin could have the intent to destroy happiness. Endowment and ruin could create equality. You destroy the gifts that make people unequal. This combination could also create something like the gifts passing away slowly Mercy and preservation could become life. These are the ones that are standing out to me. I also really want to point out that Honor, cultivation, and invention would be an interesting combination if 3 shards can even be combined or if three shards light could be mixed.
  10. This brings up a really interesting idea. You could have someone with f-steel and a-cadmium who just run around and make enemies really disoriented. You run in and pop up a speed bubble for only a couple of seconds inside of the bubble while outside time moves faster. You are moving faster as well though, so you nullify the drawback of cadmium (you slow down). When I say you move faster, I think that it would be wise to use just a little bit of speed. To make sure you can get in and out, but not so much that you burn through your metal mind. Then you drop your bubble, and leave a bunch of enemies disoriented and move onto a different group. If you were skilled enough, you could even catch someone on the edge of a speed bubble, and make there body do weird time stuff. I would bet that it would be very hard to recover from that fully. Similar to what Wayne does, but more support focused. The Cadmium is cheap, so that wouldn't be a problem. F-steel is hard to store, but it isn't the worst metal to store (health, strength, etc.).
  11. Can't feruchemists already do this? They already control how much exits a metalmind. I don't think that Duralumin will have any special effect on Feruchemy that is different than what a Feruchemist could already do. Mabye duralumin pulls all of the power out at once, but they they can already do that. Wax's massive tower crush is a good example of that. Mabye duralumin will increase the amount stored when it does it massive pull. That could be an interesting resonance, but idk if that is true.
  12. The worst part about is that I don't have a brain. It is just a big open space where the only thing I think of is how I am a stick.
  13. Lol. This is now my new head canyon even though I don't think the characters have ever even met. It just works so well!
  14. Ok. Thanks for letting me know!
  15. To support this idea, Kaladin is going east with Szeth. While ryshadium don't stay in the Shinnovar specifically, he is getting closer to where they normally are. Mabye he runs into one and forms a bond with it.