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  1. I feel like this is how it would work... There might be some more intricacies, but this will be the basics!
  2. Cool, thanks!!
  3. If it does, that would be a bit OP... like the implications of that would be insane.
  4. I don't know, Dockson and Elend are two very different people, and they have very conflicting ideas on how to run a kingdom.
  5. Throughout the books, we don't even know what the namesake of the series is... Is it the Gem Archive with the Crystal Pillar in it? But that doesn't have any Stormlight in it. Is it something off-world? Is it the place the Ghostbloods will be putting the stormlight to transport it off-world?
  6. Who is it, I cant really tell... For reference here is the link to the Amazon page: Rhythm of War Part Two
  7. Well I think that she must have had some form of connection to him maybe...
  8. In some of the books, we see that Adonalsium is referred to as "Ado". This is an affectionate nickname one would give to a normal person, not an all encompassing omnipotent immortal being. Raboniel says it, and as said before, one should have a connection with that person to call them a nickname, at least be friends. We also have this small piece of evidence. "You will give your soul to me....You will join the Fused" [ROW p1177]. This shows that a human can become a fused and maybe the singers are just humans that evolved on Roshar to fit the landscape (a little fan theory of mine...) SO what if Raboniel knew "Ado" and after the shattering became one of the fused under Rayse's supervision etc. So, all I wanted to say is: Singers could be an evolved human variant Adonalsium could be just a normal guy with an incredible amount of Investiture Raboniel could have been Adonalsium's friend at some point. Also, as an afterpoint, Raboniel could have wanted to betray Rayse because he killed her friend Adonalsium...
  9. Well yes, although they have to figure out how to do that. I believe between books 5 and 6 that this will be discovered.
  10. But at Era 4 the Scadrians will have guns and lasers. The Rosharans will put up a fight but they could not be able to stop Scadrial if they don't speed up there current technological advance.
  11. My current theory is that books 6-10 of Stormlight is that the events of book 5 will lead to a technological revolution, and that arc 2 will follow the events of Rosharans finding space travel at the end of book 10. As this is set after Era 2 of Mistborn, and in the 6th Of The Dusk Sequel, there is obviously an arms race between Scadrial and Roshar. Roshar will have to have had an extremely fast technological growth for them to even compete with Era 4 Scadrial.
  12. Some more evidence for the Dragonsteel theory...