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  1. The Rhythm of War is the combination of the tones of Odium and Honor.
  2. This is a pretty good thought with Change kind of being a time moving forward type of Dawnshard. Increase in entropy sort of. Which one of these would be the one mentioned in the Poem of Ista?
  3. From the last line of your quote there: So... war? The combination of Honor and Odium?
  4. Now what is the most clean way for Odium to get out of the contract all together? Well the most obvious way is to have the contract rewritten in his favor or nullified altogether. It is pretty obvious that Dalinar, the current stand-in/contract holder for Honor, will not allow this to happen. I also think that the books are leading to Dalinar eventually ascending to Honor in book 5. We get the famous "we killed you" from Odium in Oathbringer which leads us to believe that Dalinar is coming close to becoming Honor. We also have various instances in RoW where Rayse is stated to be "afraid" or cautious of Dalinar. There is also the scene where Kaladin speaks the 4th ideal, but someone other than the Stormfather accepts the words making us think that Dalinar has replaced the Stormfather as the oath acceptor. What have we and Taravangian learned through the books? 1. Taravangian has learned of Rayse's experiences as Odium once becoming a Shard. 2. To ascend to a Shard one must attract the Shard by fully possessing the Shard's intent. This is why Taravangian could only ascend on his dumbest day, when he was most passionate. 3. Taravangian most likely knows of the other Shard's that make themselves known, like Harmony. 4. Nightblood can kill a Shard's vessel. Taravangian has probably put the pieces together and figured out that if he is on both sides of the contract, then he can nullify it all together. How can he do this? By holding the Shards of both Odium and Honor, of course. He can pick Szeth as his champion and have him kill Dalinar with Nightblood once Dalinar has fully ascended. The Honor Shard is then dropped and will choose someone who has the greatest honorable intent. Now in Taravangian's point of view who is the most honorable man in the whole cosmere? Well himself of course. But we as the readers know that the Shard will be attracted to a different vessel: Kaladin.
  5. I had a theory after reading Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell that deadeyes are similar to shades. They both act in similar ways and they share some similar features: To try to confirm my theory I looked on the Coppermind to see if deadeyes were cognitive shadows, like shades are. There was nothing definitive so I searched deadeye WOBs and this was the first result: I am pretty sure that Brandon is referring to shades in this WOB. Have we ever confirmed if deadeyes are bonded spren cognitive shadows? I also found this other interesting WOB: This WOB makes me think that the Ba-Ado-Mishram capture caused the deadeyes and/or caused the Heralds issues theory by Kalak could really be a misdirection. I think that the real reason is the splintering of Honor. Now it could be possible that Ba-Ado-Mishram somehow stole Honor's bonding powers during his last days in the False Desolation and her capture was the last act that completely splintered Honor, or it could be a misdirection. Thoughts?
  6. I am curious to which of Hoid's names he used in the contract. Does Hoid really even have a true name anymore?
  7. Yeah I had the idea that the Destroy and Bind(Unite) Dawnshards could be opposites and could affect Hoid's spiritweb making him unable to be destroyed or to destroy. We also know that one of the Dawnshards is different from the others and that Hoid's Dawnshard (or gem) is "dead". It could be possible that Hoid held the Change Dawnshard and he thought that it was dead, but it really wasn't. Also, Hoid's first letter to Frost does talk a lot about how they are opposites, like Stay and Change would be.
  8. I think that the "child" is really a metaphor for a crying or weeping person and I think that Szeth is this person. What we know about book 5: 1. It's Szeth's flashback book. 2. Szeth and Kaladin are going to Shinovar. 3. Taravangian's Diagram indicates one or more Unmade has set up in Shinovar. 4. Szeth hears those he killed when he shuts his eyes. I think that the Unmade in Shinovar is Dai-gonarthis and this Unmade is what is causing Szeth's hallucinations. Szeth and Kaladin may confront this Unmade when they are in Shinovar. A child is also mentioned in another deathrattle: The only three people that I think are strongly tied to their homeland are Dalinar, Szeth and the Stormfather. I think that this does not refer to the Stormfather so I will skip him (even though he does seem like a baby sometimes). Both Alethkar and Shinovar have mountains nearby, but Shinovar does have a lot more of them. Szeth is also more likely to be on top of the mountains since he can fly. Also his birthplace is the Valley of Truth, a place that sounds like it could be prone to a flood. This would lead me to believe that Szeth is the child in this deathrattle: And that they will choose to not kill him. Also an interesting bit of foreshadowing if this is true: I also think it is funny that they only thing that has been retconned in the books is the taking back that Kaladin killed Szeth in WOR and making it a psuedo-suicide instead. If my theory is correct then the pre-retcon story would not make sense because why would Kaladin be allowed to kill Szeth before in WOR but they cannot now? That question gets eliminated with the retcon.
  9. The following is just a theory. I think that a Dawnshard is somewhat of a concentrator of investiture. Like the difference between a flashlight and a laser. A laser is more “powerful” since all the light is beamed to a single point while a flashlight spreads the light out. The Command in more concentrated when using a Dawnshard. I think this is why Rysn as a Dawnshard is not deemed dangerous by the sleepless because she does not have access to any Investiture to concentrate. My guess on what the commands of the Dawnshards are: 1. Change 2. Destroy 3. Stay 4. Bind (Unite) Change Dawnshard Current Vessel – Rysn Past Vessel(s) – Unknown This Dawnshard was recently taken up by Rysn in the Dawnshard Novella and this is the only confirmed sighting of a Dawnshard. It is unclear how this Dawnshard got to Aimia, but a logical guess is that somehow the sleepless hid it there or found it. It is not clear to me if this Dawnshard has been used in the past. Destroy Dawnshard Current Vessel – Nightblood (maybe Vasher) Past Vessel(s) – Unknown I think that it is very possible that Nightblood is itself a Dawnshard or was at least created by using a Dawnshard with the command DESTROY evil. It has been stated that Nightblood is a lot stronger than other objects with investiture. Brandon has stated that pretty much the only thing more powerful than Nightblood is a Shard itself. How would it get this powerful? It seems to me that being a Dawnshard or being made by using a Dawnshard is the only way. Stay Dawnshard Current Vessel – Frost Past Vessel(s) – None I think that Frost is the current vessel of the Stay Dawnshard and that it has always been that way since they were first used against Adonalsium. I think it is clear from their letters that both Frost and Hoid were at the Shattering of Adolalsium or at least a part of it: This leaves Frost as a likely candidate for a Dawnshard. He also seems to currently be really into the status quo or keeping things as they are (or just staying the same over time): Bind Dawnshard Current Vessel – Unknown, maybe splintered or trapped/locked up Past Vessel(s) – Hoid, Honor, Ba-Ado-Mishram My idea for this Dawnshard comes from the Poem of Ista: To me this Dawnshard does not sound like the Change Dawnshard, so it must be a separate Dawnshard. Brandon loves to leave hints in the way he names things similarly (can be seen with the Worldbringers and Worldsingers, with the name Zahel along with Nahel bonds and with Dawnshards, Dawnsingers and Dawncities). I think that he has done the same with the Bind Dawnshard and Surgebinding. We know that something with very powerful Surgebinding (probably with the help of the concentration of a Dawnshard) helped to destroy most of Ashyn. I think that it is logical to conclude that the magic of Surgebinding was created with the use of a Dawnshard. This could have been used as a weapon against Odium when he arrived at the system, but the power had no limits and blew up in their face. It seems to me that the logical first holder of the Bind Dawnshard would be Hoid. He wanted to get rid of Odium, but could not do so directly because of his pact, so he helped the humans on Ashyn create a new type of magic, Surgebinding, to defeat Odium. After that blew up in their faces, he led the humans to Roshar and came up with a plan to defeat Odium with Honor. I think after this Hoid or Honor or both used the Bind Dawnshard to bind Odium to the Rosharan system with the Oathpact. Later, Surgebinding was brought back with the Nahel bonds and oaths providing limits on the dangerous powers of the magic system. In the books there are a lot of questions brought up on if Adhesion(binding) is a “true” surge and Bondsmiths have always been the odd order out of the Knights Radiant. There are only 9 types of true spren, with Bondsmiths being different, so it seems to me like Bondsmithing was kind of made after the fact and is not a “true” surge of Honor, but only created using the Bind Dawnshard. After this I think sometime around the False Desolation Ba-Ado-Mishram somehow stole the Bind Dawnshard or somehow got its power (maybe after Honor had become weakened enough). This is how she was able to connect with the Singers and give them forms of power. After the False Desolation she was locked away with “unintended consequences”. The Bind Dawnshard now resides with her or is broken somehow. I also think that at some point in time that the Bind Dawnshard could have also been used to bind Ruin to the Well of Ascension. It seems unusual to me that cognitive shadows from systems that have not had one of their Shards trapped or bound in some way can freely move about the Cosmere, but those from Scadrial or Roshar cannot leave their system. I think that it has to do with the use of the Bind Dawnshard and its lingering effects on the system. I think that the Ghostbloods’ true intentions are to get their hands on this Bind Dawnshard to try and free Kelsier, which is why they want Ba-Ado-Mishram. They also can possibly use the Dawnshard to bind Investiture for easy transportation. That’s my theory. I know I went into the weeds a little. Any thoughts?
  10. I just found this line from Warbreaker describing Nightblood like a child also:
  11. First off, this is not another child champion theory. I think we are all looking at the wrong champion and need to consider Dalinar's champion as opposed to Odium's champion, but I will first start with Odium's champion. I agree with the theory that Szeth will be Odium's champion. The fact that this is Szeth's book allows us to get a lot of his backstory, which will most likely be tragic. We also know that he has pains (the sounds of people that he killed being in his head) that he wishes to get rid of. Szeth may want Odium to get rid of his pain. Also, since Taravangian knows Nightblood's power, he would really want Szeth/Nightblood on his side. Now for Dalinar's champion. I haven't seen this suggested before, but maybe I have not looked hard enough. But, I think that Dalinar's champion will be VASHER. Now why Vasher? I know that a lot of work will need to be done in book 5 to really set this up, but I think that it makes sense for Dalinar to have Vasher as his champion. Brandon is currently setting up Vasher as a "retired warrior coming back to fight" trope. What would cause Vasher to come back into the fray to right his wrongs? Vasher may feel responsible for unleashing Nightblood onto the Cosmere and possibly making Odium even more powerful with a new Vessel. We are also being set up with a reuniting between Vivenna and Vasher, good or bad. These will cause him to come back into the fight and he would be an obvious choice as champion since he is a known great swordsman and may know how to defeat Nightblood. We have even seen foreshadowing of this duel with the fact that we have seen Vasher 1v1 duel in both Warbreaker and SA. Now for THAT deathrattle: “I hold the suckling child in my hands, a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw. ” Now read it again with the idea that Vasher is holding Nightblood after using his "give breath to shock" trick on Szeth to get the upper hand. “I hold the suckling child (Nightblood is very childlike and sucks investiture) in my hands, a knife at his throat (A knife at Szeth's throat. Also note that this is not necessarily referring to the suckling child's throat), and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw (Vasher taking his breath back from Szeth after his trick). ” Since we have foreshadowing confirming that Vasher can use Breath on Roshar, I think that this sequence of events is very likely. This also sets up a lot of possible twists with Vasher using his Divine Breath to reverse the outcome of the duel at will. Also, it could also be that Szeth is Dalinar's champion and Vasher is Odium's champion Thoughts?.
  12. What if Ba-Ado-Mishram is somewhat like a bondsmith spren but of both Odium and Honor? We know that the capturing of Ba-Ado-Mishram messed up bonds between spren and humans and with the bonds of the singers so this would make sense. This could also be the cause of the Recreance. Once everyone figured out that Ba-Ado-Mishram was of both Honor and Odium they felt that as a betrayal by Honor and thought that capturing her would end all bonds on both sides, thus ending the war since no one would get anymore special powers. The knew that capturing Ba-Ado-Mishram would end the bonds and surgebinding, but not exactly what would happen. They probably thought that the spren would just be unbinded, and not become deadeyes. This could also explain why Nale et al were killing those who tried to bind to spren. They thought that it would start the wars all over again. There is no eternal war without surges. Also as a side note, I always felt that it was weird how there was so much emphasis on the fact that Ba-Ado-Mishram has two hyphens in her name. I don't know where this emphasis came from, but maybe it has something to do with Ba-Ado-Mishram (possibly) being of two shards.
  13. After reading this and doing some investigating I think that Shallan's mom is Chanarach. If you look at the picture of Chanarach and read the description of Shallan's mom they are very similar. Also, I had a theory that the breaking of Chanarach (after her death as Shallan's mom), not Taln, is what brought about this last desolation. Brandon is often quoted as saying that the desolation process started going down once Gavilar died so I looked up the dates of Gavilar's death and Shallan's mom's death. THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME MONTH.
  14. I personally think that the contest of champions will end in a TIE. I believe that Taravangian will see this loophole within the rules and will try to force a tie. Since a tie is not mentioned in the contract, it will probably void the contract and allow Odium to leave the system. This is foreshadowed with Hoid mentioning ties in his gambling tale. Thoughts?
  15. “Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above. ” Do you guys think that this is referring to Hoid since Brandon stated on Reddit that Hoid once was a Dawnshard?