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  1. I personally think that the contest of champions will end in a TIE. I believe that Taravangian will see this loophole within the rules and will try to force a tie. Since a tie is not mentioned in the contract, it will probably void the contract and allow Odium to leave the system. This is foreshadowed with Hoid mentioning ties in his gambling tale. Thoughts?
  2. “Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above. ” Do you guys think that this is referring to Hoid since Brandon stated on Reddit that Hoid once was a Dawnshard?
  3. What do you guys think that Brandon means by this quote per this WOB? How different is this Darnshard from the others? Maybe there are three "good" or "neutral" dawnshard and the last one is "bad"? Change, create, stay, destroy? What do you guys think?